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At BitCandy’s Blogs On’s no secret...We love great pop. And listen...pop doesn't have to be lame. Pop music doesn't have to be a cheesy boy band (God bless ya One Direction).  IMOP...Pop music has gotten a bad rap the last 15 years and Pop doesn't have to be a "whatever" shit-tastic, manufactured artist from X Factor or from The Voice (Helllo Javier, Mr. 30,000 seller...really The Voice winner sold a mere 30,000 albums...because it was fucking crap).  David Bowie, Prince, Peter Gabriel Blondie, Alanis...they had hits and made great where's that today?

But GREAT pop....Great pop is something else.  We call it jeez, welcome to it.  And that's what we got this week with the best latest music tracks of the aweome pop dimension.  Let's get started:

Hoodie Allen - "No Interruption"

Compliments of, one of our favorite blogs. 


Keane “Silenced by the Night (Alesso Remix)”

This is starting to sound like a great Keane record despite their “record” total epic fail on the last album.


Garbage “Blood for Poppies” 

Oh Garbage, it’s been too long...check out a great video here from the Garbage that doesn’t smell  Their new album Not Your Kind Of People, is out on May 15


Mark Morrison "Return Of The Mack (Viceroy "Jet Life" Remix)"

Viceroy's "Jet Life" Remixes continue to destroy and elevate great pop songs.  Love it.  


Dada Life “Kick Out The Mother Fucker” (Vocal Mix)

Sure this could have gone also in our Best of Electro Weekly update....but it's also a perfect example of a PopKiller track...great hooks insane beat.  Check it out on SoundCloud here.  Sorry the Swedish boys provided no embed :*(


Jennifer Lopez “Dance Again” featuring Pitbull 

As much as Jennifer Lopez, Jlo or whatever she goes by today, has been a primary culprit (along with Kara Dioguardi) destroy pop music (particularly in the late 90s, early 00s) where Tommy Mottola rammed radio with huge payola dick cheese (aledgedly)...JFlo is doing her best to redeem herself and this track is a good start.  Unfortunately ruined by Pitbull who shouldn't be anywhere near this studio session (Hint: can you reference Jay Z’s feature on “Umbrella” by Rihanna)...file in the unnecessary category.


The Hives “Go Right Ahead” 

New long anticipated single from The Hives.  I’m not gay but I have to say Pelle is 100% pretty hot in person.


Logic “War Vet (Rack City)”

WTF is Saruman from Lord of the Rings doing on a Rack City track...oh well.  It’s hot.  Saruman … you ballin in that lambo? 


Lastly, Fuck it...i’m going for the jugular.  Wanna hear a great pop song?  Check out an oldie but fucking amazing goodie by Kim Wilde “Kids In America.”  They don’t make them like this anymore...or do they?  Just hearing Kim launch into the double chorus at 1:39 make me lose my shit and cream my undies.  Maybe it’s you who will make the next awesome pop song...let’s hope so.  Pop rules. 

Thanks for checking out our Latest Music Tracks at PopKiller.  Pop rules ... and so do you. 

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