Best of PopKiller-10 Songs That Don't Suck


It’s frigging Wednesday which means 2 more days to da weekendz...Wednesday also means it was the “add” day at pop radio yesterday.   This is day where bald middle aged, sexually frustrated men sit around with their ass cracks hanging out and figure out how much payola they can launder in exchange for playing major record labels’ dumb dumb wares (in my opinion.) 

Fortunately BitCandy’s Blogs On Music has our Weekly PopKiller update , which is OUR version of great pop music.  All the pleasure, with no guiltts = All the yummy treats for you.  Let’s get started.   

Notorious B.I.G. - Going Back to Cali (Viceroy "Jet Life" Remix)

Loving the Caribbean steel drum tastes Viceroy mixes up in this Notorious B.I.G. remix...this guy rocks. Oh and if you ever wanted to see Biggie’s DJ do a massive live gotta check this post (Biggie’s DJ fail comes last in the post after Tiesto, Aoki, Guetta make epic blunders)



fun. “Why Am I The One”

Another brilliant track from the already brilliant fun.  Attn: Major Record Label dweebs....need more bands like this. 


One Republic's Dancing Sunshine (Avicii vs. One Republic vs. Lady Gaga vs. Belinda Carlisle)

Isn’t great pop music fucking spectacular?!   Loving this mashup from Compson Sound.  Who?!  Compson Sound?  Beats the F out of me...but you can bet we just started following him on SoundCloud.


Childish Gambino “Heartbeat (Michael Brun Remix)

Finally this song is sounding amazing.  Too bad Childish left too many choruses on the cutting room floor on this last album (Oh, I’m sorry...that inferred that they actually had some great choruses at some point).  This is the only “song” on the last album but it’s a hot one. 


The Ting Tings “Hang It Up (Banana Dynamite Remix)”

Did I mention that I LOVE pop?  And btw...when are these 2 good looking people that make Ting Tings making a porno.  I’m still waiting for the leaked sex tape...or at least a solo scene from Katie White maybe from the tour bus...I’m just sayin’.


50 Cent “I Just Wanna” 

Compliments of K.C. and Sunshine band comes a 50 Cent new hit.  The original intro on this song has a pretty explicit porn intro...which leads me to the following “Universal Truth of Volume Level: Music 10, Porn 1”


Weave of Fate “Rack City” 

Epic hard rock version of the rap hit.  Really … it’s genius.  I love hearing rock dudes sing “Rack Rack City Bitch.”  


Grouplove “Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix)”

Totally electro and totally semi cheesy and totally awesome.


Foxes “Youth” 

I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll mention it again...Indie and Pop are really for me, starting to lose their definitions.  Is this Foxes track “Youth” an indie thing or a great Pop song or both?  Kinda like .fun...what separates them from being a pop act?  In fact I thought they were a pop band actually but No.  Yes? for thought while you enjoy this track.


Michael Jackson “Remember The Time (Allure Remix)”

This Parisian remixer, Allure is totally rocking my world...kinda moving sideways from where Justice and Ed Banger were 2 years ago but it doesn’t matter if it’s slightly derivative.  It’s still tasty.  Like do you really ever get tired of Oreo Cookies and Milk.  


Karmin “Broken Hearted (R3hab Remix)”

I was 100% skeptical about this new YouTube pop act.  Mostly because crossing the YouTube “cover video” band to something substantial hasn’t worked before (see even Pomplamoose) .  And anyone remember Greyson Chance?   Last I heard he was working in a sweatshop downtown making iPhone accessories.  How did that work out for you?    But this is really good...and R3hab makes it actually listenable. 

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Oh p.s. F Bieber.

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