Best Of New Alt Pop (9 songs/Downloads)


BitCandy have returned from SXSW and that can only mean one thing, peeps! PopKiller is back, and with an almighty bang! Head on down for nine new tracks, remixes and mashes, hand-selected from the blogosphere for your awesome-as-ever eardrums. Peace!

I Am Camera "Factory Boys"

I Am Camera describe themselves as "a Mancunian and a Northern-Irish Londoner brought together by a love of drum machines and drama."  We think their new single, "Factory Boys," could pass as a Madonna song... correction... could pass as a "when Madonna was still good" song.

Fun ft Janelle Monae "We Are Young (Alvin Risk Remix)"

Alvin Risk has transformed Fun's "We Are Young" into an almighty summer banger which is transporting BitCandy to Ibiza and beyond this week!

Rye Rye "Boom Boom (Kat Krazy Remix)"

Dang, we loved Rye Rye! Fresh from the streets of Baltimore, she was fullah dat street cred. Then Cherry Tree got hold of her and made her record "Boom Boom," a poor man's Nicki Minaj homogenized pop smash that ticks all the boxes except the one between your legs. Thankfully, Kat Krazy's remix saved the day.

DJ Mehdi ft Notorious B.I.G "Le Cirque"

Here is one we hand-selected from the late DJ Mehdi's vaults. A killah mix which samples Notorious B.I.G's classic, "Nasty Boy." We miss ya, Mehdi!

Super Mash Bros "Young Gelt Cash Gelt Billionaires"

Shit gets bananas here. "Young Gelt Cash Gelt Billionaires" mashes "Praise You" by Fatboy Slim, "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani and "The Real Slim Shady" by Eminem, among others!

Super Mash Bros "Rush Hour Is All Hours (405)"

More brilliance from Super Mash Bros. "Rush Hour Is All Hours (405)" fuses "Might Like You Better" by Amanda Blank with some Justice, Tiesto, Steve Aoki and Super Mario sound bites (duhhhh).

Super Mash Bros "Yo dawg, I heard you like music.... -Xzibit"

One more from our new heroes, Super Mash Bros! "Yo dawg, I heard you like music.... -Xzibit" blends "Black or White" by Michael Jackson, "Stacey's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne, "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People, with much much more!

Fabolous ft Nate Dogg "Can't Deny It (Aaron Bond Remix)"

Shout out to for bringing to our attention to this banging remix of Fabolous's "Can't Deny It" by Aaron Bond. This shit cray!  Complments of This Weeks Beats. 

Beyonce "End Of Time (Robots With Rayguns Remix)"

Robots With Rayguns get "bionic" with Beyonce and refresh what was a frankly crappy song (sorry Honey B) with some 90s R&B stylee sonics.


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