Best Of PopKiller - Week 25 (7 Songs)


Yes it's time for best PopKiller songs.  What is PopKiller you ask? Oh only just the best REAL pop music. Like killer remixes from Robyn, Katy Perry, The Weeknd and more mashup mania.  Yes, this isn't silly little pop music...we embrace and love pop music at BitCandy...but not the ad infinitum saccharin pop crap shoved down your throat at commercial radio...nope...this is 'Our' pop music.  So no doubt happy to share with you some of the latest finds from the BitCandy Music Filter.

The Weeknd - "Rolling Stone" First of all, if you love The Weeknd (or need to know more about em...just get your ass to Toronto haha)...this remix will give thou some pleasure with thee dub bass remix.

R.Kelly vs Beatshakers vs Diplo "Ignite Cherry" - White Panda - getting crazy on the 'bear' decks. This is different that the other R.Kelly joint: R. Kelly vs The State of Illinois.  Bwwhahahaha.  

Kat DeLuna - "Drop It Low" (Disco Fries Mix) - pop music used to be fresh, exciting, pushing the boundaries.  I have a feeling that's the future of pop music.  Of course this is a remix but it's fresh, hard, and fun hooks.  Nothing wrong with that.  So, it looks like Kat Deluna gets maybe a second chance after the first failure to launch a few years ago with producer, Red One (Kat Deluna is the project Red One did right before Lady Gaga blow up success).

"Where The Bass" - D.Veloped - D.Veloped is D.livering the D.Licious MashUps.  Really crafty remix here combining hooks galore from Dev, Amanda Blank, Ludacris, Gwen Stefani and more.  Yummy shit.  Speaking of Dev?  Failure to launch or taking off?  We'll see.  

Robyn "Hang With Me" (Remix) - Hey, Glitch (that's me), way to go with the meta data.  I discovered this remix gem of Robyn's "Hang With Me" and got no meta data sorry, you can spank me and my meta data some time.  

Benny Benassi feat Chris Brown (Jonathan Moore Remix) - one of the best songs on Chris Brown's last album compliments of the amazing Benny Benassi...proper remix here that is not "crazy" but really supports the song.

Katy Perry vs Ellie Goulding vs Empire of the Sun - "E.T. Feels Starry Eyed" - Another solid Mash up from 3Lau ... damn, i gotta find out more about this team...thee jams are on thou highest.  Ok...just found out.  3Lau is Justin can follow him here and Facebook (sorry for long link my HTML skillz suck).