Best PopKiller (10 tracks) - Week 31


Ahh, it's another set of great Pop Killer songs from the Best of the Week from our Blogs on Music.  And I say Pop with dignity.  Pop has gotten a bad rap (no pun intended) over the last couple decades...but we think that pop today and what we're calling Pop on BitCandy aka really a sampling of the below...because pop can be smart, challenging hard edged, inspiring, and pushing the boundaries...and maybe even make you sing or dance.  Here's some of it:

"Wings" - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - If there was ever an inner city basketball lifestyle anthem...this is it.  Great and superior whoa type lyrics "Mom I touched the net! / This is the best day of my life." / "And then my friend Carlos' brother got murdered for his fours."  Complete with Children's choir chorus...yes, this is totally epic.  

"We Major (Bitter Sweet Symphony WL Mashup) - Kanye West featuring NAS.  Nas sums it up pretty great in this lyric: "If you're asking why Hip Hop's dead...there's a pretty good chance you're lame ass, corny the reason it died."  Hmm I wonder who that's about.  Superior mashup here with Kanye West / Nas vs. The Verve.

"Why Even Try (RAC Remix) - Theophilus London.  Yup, see our earlier story on great remixer RAC and why he should totally STOP doing remixes...not because they're no...but because he's so freakin' good...RAC we're waiting for your artist album.  I've never ever heard a mediocre RAC Remix!  

"Something Good Can Work (RAC Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club - if you doubted what I said about RAC with his Theophilus London's a tasty treat.  

"Otis" Kanye West & Jay-Z ... ahh so much better than that "Ham and Eggs" or "Ham" track or whatever the hell Kanye and Jay-Z did together last.  

"Penguins Collide Into Darkness" - Leona Lewis vs Avicii.  Yes, it's not just a's probably also the name of the future court docket as Simon Cowell and the crew have to explain to a judge how they didn't understand copyright law, taking Avicii's "Penguin" track, having an unauthorized new lyric/melody written on the song and then hiring another producer (Sandy V) to reproduce the track.  Hmm might have been nice to tell Tim Berg aka Avicii.  Oops.  But this mash up of both Avicii's "Fade Into Darkness" and Leona Lewis' "Collide" is actually the best version.

"Wichita" XV - great track from rapper XV produced by Just Blaze.  Hang in there for the ode and sample to Jimmy Webb's classic written "Wichita Lineman."  Actually that original version by Glen Campbell is the best song on this blog posting by far. Here it is  Fuck me what a lyric.  Yup, Jimmy Webb original lyrics from 45 years ago destroys XV's rap. Sorry.

"Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)" - Lloyd. Yup...Lloyd misses his gal's pussy...A Lot.  This years "Fuck You" with a nod to Cee-Lo.