Best Of PopKiller (8 Songs) - Week 44

Poor Kim Kardashian.  If only she and her hubby had kept up to date with BitCandy's weekly PopKiller Latest Music Tracks...she might still be romping around with Kris Humphries to the sounds of Oh My!, Penguin Prison, 5kinAndBone5, Disco Fries Remixes, Hypercrush and more. Oh well.  Anywayz, in the meantime,we're doing our best to get Kim's # and re-establish that pop can actually be great, credible and here are our finds for the week
"Stomp" 5kinAndBone5 feat. YG - From Grizzly Records...5kinAndBone5 self describe themselves as  2FreakDudes who just so happen to like, totally make really mysterious Rap, Techno, Garage, Bass, Grime or like, some other post-apocalyptic shit.  (Yup that's about right).

01. Stomp (feat. YG) [Dirty] by onmygrizzly



"Golden Train" Penguin Prison (by the way, WTF type of band name is that.  See our article on "animals" actually being an essential factor in creating a cool band name)...anywayz....Penguin Prison finally released their album....a bit underwhelmed, and "Golden Train" is still by far the best track.

Golden Train by Penguin Prison



"Dirty Dancer" Oh My! Feat: Scru Fizzer - The 2 British hot tarts from 679 Records (home uf UK's Plan B, Marina and the Diamonds and The Streets) bring "Dirty Dancer."  Such a hypnotic great track that is sure to be a hit. And I mean c'mon check out these lyrics  "I Wanna Patrick Swayze / Dirty Dancer" "Take My Hand And Lead Me In The Corner, Baby" ... Out November 7th.

Oh My! - Dirty Dancer [Feat: Scru Fizzer] by PurplePR



"Useless" Pac Div feat. Asher Roth - Pac Div delivers a crazy incredible track with "Useless."  Loving the track.  Every element of the track is so minimal yet so off the chain.  



"Deep End" Cobrastarship vs Sander Van Doorn vs Flo Rida - DJ Trademark introduces the power of the mashup to the already converted.



"Where Is Love (Disco Fries Remix) Mysto & Pizzi ft. Johnny Rose - This is one fucking cheesy big dance song...and we love it.  

Mysto & Pizzi ft. Jonny Rose - Where Is Love (Disco Fries Remix) by DiscoFriesMusic



"Werk Me" HyperCrush - Major shakeout at Universal Records with Sal Guastella and Bruce Carbone who were championing this project.  Well, Hypercrush was there before Universal Records and they'll be there after.  Latest track that is actually one of the best we heard from the team recently.  



The 808 Track (feat. Mighty High Coup) Bassnectar - We've been waiting for Bassnectar to bring something bigger than just a big nasty fat wobble track, which he does exceptionally well every time out...this time we got a song.  Could this be the one for Bassnectar?