The Best Unknown Artists from SXSW 2011 Pt 1

Best of SXSW

Ahh SXSW in Austin, TX. The once a year global music gathering for new, emerging, and breaking artists...and of course a little bit (or a lot) of beer and BBQ.

And sure it would be easy to tell you the best, most obvious bands ofSXSW...the headliners, the bands whose lines wrapped around the block,the buzz bands everyone's talking about.  And sure seeing Queens of TheStone Age or Surfer Blood is good and all but (at least for me) youdon't go to SXSW to see The Strokes or Kanye West.

Nope...The fun part of SXSW is trying to figure out 'who's next.'  Its a blast butits also certainly not a walk in the park. Actually its a lot of walking and a lotof waiting in line and an insurmountable degree of listening before arriving in Texas.

Yes listening...listening to all the unknown bands playing. And when Isay all of them. I really mean ALL of them.  
Well, thanks to the 2011 SXSW torrent found here. You can get 1 songfrom all 1200 + artists playing in Austin, TX and from each SXSW year.

Oh but wouldn't it be nice to have someone listen to 1200 songs andhelp you filter the best?  Because what we really want to know is who's going to be a headlinernext year?!

So that's what we did. So I present to you our top 40 unknown (or in some casesslightly known) artists that should be on your radar for 2012:  

Part 1

SXSW 2011 Best Of Pt 1 by BitCandy