Best SXSW 2012 Unknown Artists Pt 1!


Ahh...SXSW.  And Every year it happens that some nice people at compile 1 song from each artist playing at the 2012 South by South West Music Festival (that's about 1200 bands) and go up and post them as a torrent.  But who's going to actually go through and listen to all of those?  Maybe an awesome music filter, someone that could go through and hand pick the best new music for 2012 and post them.  Wouldn't that be special?  


So, you know what comes next.  And maybe you'll read this and say...Glitch, these are not unknown at all!  I've known about...Future Unlimited for years.  If so then, shit, I want to hire you.


On that note, here's Part 1 of our Best Unknown Artists of SXSW 2012:




But really it makes me cringe every time a Rolling Stones, Spin or Pitchfork yada yada come out with a Best of SXSW new bands.  You know...probably the ever-so-obvious-line-ups at Stubbs.  Like Best of SXSW: Grimes, Givers, Sharon Van Etten, Alabama Shakes (the biggest hype ever), Girls, The Drums, Of Monsters and Men, etc ....... Really?  Holy fuck, I had no idea.


How about those "fine print bands.?!" You know.  The ones that are barely on the radar...The ones who have 300 Facebook fans...The ones who are going to be the ever obvious tastemaker bands for 2013.  Well, we got em...filtered from 1200 artists.


And oh yeah...this is a testament to what BitCandy is aspiring to be.  A filter...helping you cut though the donkey dicks to get to the craime fraiche.  Damn, what an analogy.  


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Stay tuned for Pt 2 coming later in the week!


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