Big Freedia Queen of Bounce


It's the new sound in the streets of New Orleans that's being called 'Bounce.'  And what exactly is 'Bounce?' Just think the most juicy booty shaking music in the world soaked in gasoline with the next level Sir Mix Alot persona about to strike the match.  That's one way to envision the sound of bounce.  The other way would be to check this nifty video that would give you a great introduction to Big Freedia.

And Big Freedia is the definitive leader in the bounce game...Personally I think this is such a fresh and much needed new sound...hope she can make herself known in all booty shaking lands.  I say 'she' but she is a trans-gendre performer which takes this to another interesting level.  

Let's hope she has a great run before Will I Am gets the idea to morph this fresh style into a silly pop song. 

Will I Am -- don't get any ideas.  Please step away from the 'bounce'  

Here's a great soundcloud of Big Freedia and also check her website

Big Freedia - The Sounds of Bounce

Big Freedia Hitz Vol. 1 by Big Freedia