BitCandy Summer FREE Compilation


Hey Kids!  BitCandy's Summer 2012 Free Compilation is here!  Yup...We put together our favorite latest music tracks that were brought to none other than...YOU!   That's can submit your latest finds on the Blogosphere or your own backyard...and if we're not tracking them, and we love them...we'll give YOU the credit for the music discovery!  Rad.  By the's the list of our Top Curators and their discoveries (this could be you...seriously).


But let's get to the music...yes, here's the link for BitCandy's Free Summer 2012 compilation...Just enter your email below and you'll get a link for the download.  



This is our 1st time doing feel free to share this widget / link because if it goes well we're definitely going to do it every season.  


Oh and some of you wise asses out there that are saying, but Glitch, Summer is June're premature.  Well despite what my fictitious girlfriend says about that... I don't give a damn.  It's summer pretty much in Los Angeles (Southern Texas and Miami) so there! 


By the way (and important) all of these artists we received permission for this free download I wanted to say THANKS to those artists.  If you should check each them out, and if you vibe with the music, maybe you'll "like" their pages and help spread their art.  To same you some time, I've provided the track listing below and links to the artist's Facebook.  


1. Safe and Sound by Capital Cities

2. Explosions by Coco Morier

3. Ready On The Line by Big Sir

4. Nightchain (Wale vs Kavinsky) by The Hood Internet

5. Innovator by Plains

6. Fireflies by Mother Falcon

7. Young Gelt Cash Gelt Billionaires by Super Mash Bros 

8. Insane by Cheasleauen

9. Let Me Know Now by Silver Swans

10. Golden by Future Unlimited

11. My Tube Top by Electrocute

12. Lost The War by Paper Lions

13. Inner City by So Many Wizards

14. Departure by Germany Germany

15. Give It All Away by My Plastic Sun BitCandy Music Blog - Spring Sampler 2012



Enjoy!  I had a blast putting this together...and love our 15 tracks of some great indie and indie pop (with some alternative rap).  Hopefully you'll be hearing about these artists 6 months before your other "more hipster than hipster" friends.  That's right...tell them to eat it (or just "download it" hah). 


Lastly, thanks to Filter Magazine for giving me the idea for this compilation, since I just recently listened to another one of their crappy PSSST download comps with only 2 good songs and 13 "dumpsters."   Hopefully our sampler is an improvement.  (sorry, I have a big ego).  


Your surly music friend,




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