BitCandy Internet Radio Song Additions


Yes, you may or may not know this true important fact, but BitCandy has an internet radio station. We built it from scratch, from our own code, and have 3 “modules” playing 24/7: either a BitCandy Mix, Best of Indie or Best of Alt Pop or Metropolitan Chill channel. We dare say it is great tunage and all hand picked and programmed. Music picked by computer? Algorithms are for suckers.

If we get a lot of love for this we will make an app, but right now it’s all a big (and expensive) experiment, because we want to help own the music filter space!

So here are a few additions this week that were added to the channels. Some of it is expected...some of it ain’t! But one thing’s for sure: there really is only one genre we’re interested in... the awesome genre!

And that link for our internet radio? Here it is...and it’s free, yo (and licensed and legal...BOOM!).

I built it for you.

Here are just some of the favs playing this week:


Daft Punk - Lose Yourself to Dance


Kanye West - New Slaves


Hunters - Dead Beat


Indie Radio
Click to visit BitCandy Indie Radio


Leatherette - After Dawn


J. Cole - Crooked Smile


Alive - Empire of the Sun


Tuxedo - Do It

Wanna get some more? Just click “Free Online Radio” at the top of this page.

Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments or how we can improve it...or if you are dying for the app...etc.

And if you dig our internet radio programming, maybe we’ll get this reaction from ya: