BitCandy's LIVE MUSIC Photo Contest!


Ok...we know who you are.  You go to shows.  You're that determined person inching your way up to the front row.  You can see (and smell) all the sights happening on stage.    It's awesome and you've captured some amazing photos.  So now what?


Got the answer here for you bros and bitchas!  Get some swag from BitCandy and upload those sweet pics here to our Live Show Contest via our Facebook!


What's the swag for the winners you might ask? 


We'll buy the winner of the photo contest 2 concert tickets to any show (not to exceed $100 total).   Runner up will get a similar prize worth $50 maximum.  Plus we will run a full story on you, showcase your winning photos and showcase a bunch of your photos in the story.  Plus we'll also do that social media bit and send out an email letting everyone know you have "the eye" for this shit!  


So WTF!  Enter Here!  But before you do that ... one other thing.  4nd d1s is imp0rt4nt.


We are NOT looking for boring / whatever type of photos.  That won't win!  Yeah...We're looking for something extraordinary.  Truely the WTF pic or the 100% awesome moment.   It could be that raw or intimate photo capture, it could be something backstage, and could even be a crotch shot, down-blouse or upskirt of your favorite indie, EDM or alternative pop artist!  (if any has those of Grimes please send them to me directly!). 


So basically ... let's have some fun with this and go for it and get creative!  


The submission process starts NOW...then in mid September y'all can vote for the best picture and we announce the winner and runner up right after.  


Submit here


Spread the word on the contest, cuz if we get some good results we're going to do this every month.  




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