Our New Video Blogger: Asian Noodles Guy


Haahaahaa. Heeheehee. *Feverishly unwrap noodle.* Haahaahaa. Heeheehee. *Take a sporkful of noodle.* Haahaahaa. Heeheehee. Oh hi, I did not see you there. I am “Asian Noodle Guy,” and there is one thing that I love more than Eastern cuisine, and that, lady and gentleman, is hard hitting investigative musical journalism. That is precisely why I have agreed to be BitCandy's official video blogger. Haahaahaa. Heeheehee. *Feverishly unwrap some more noodle.*

You may wonder how much I am getting paid to do this job, but I want you to know that I am not that way inclined. Absolutely no money exchanged hand. I was merely offered a lifetime supply of noodle. Haahaahaa. Heeheehee. *Take another sporkful of noodle.* Today is a special day for me, as I get to introduce you to my first video blog for BitCandy, sharing my thought on modern day pop star, Will.I.Am, Justin Bieber and Kanye West.

The best part?  All I have to do is go....Haahaahaa. Heeheehee. Enjoy:

Editor's note: Asian Noodles Guy has 100% not agreed to be BitCandy's official video blogger, although we are fully prepared to offer him a lifetime supply of noodles, should he ever be interested in this gig. We are still, very much looking for the face of BitCandy's indie radio. If you, like Asian Noodles Guy, think that modern day pop stars are completely, well, laughable, then why not apply to be BitCandy's official video blogger, today? The full details are here.