BitCandy's Top Artists for 2012

LA Music Blog, BitCandy will *not* have a “roll your eyes” Best of 2011 list. 


Look, if I read another blog or glossy hipster pseudo creddy mag that has the ever obvious Top 20 I'm going to burn my Titus Andronicus vinyl (well, I was going to do that anyway).  Really…when’s the last time you listened to Titus Andronicus?  I rest my case.  


The Top 20 of 2011 is child’s play.  Everyone and anyone who’s into music should know the answers here.  It’s too obvious.  Kayne + Jay Z, Florence + The Machine, Adele, The Black Keys, Drake, Foster The People, Atlas Sound, yada yada.


But how about someone doing the hard work and predicting today what's going to be hot in 2012. Well strap my ass on backwards and phone China.  
This is *not* our Top 10 list for 2011!  It’s a Top 10 list for 2012.  And don’t expect a “Bros in Bedrooms” type of list of indie buzz stuff here.  This is a non esoteric / non hipster list!


In other words, here's our "to break" in 2012 or in other words…fuck the Grammy’s this is BitCandy Awards for Best New Artist 2012:


Bookmark this page and check back in a year.


Azelia Banks – Harlem based rapper who’s more of an alternative pop / indie artist than anything.  And does she know how to make great songs?  Yes she does.  Mega producer Paul Epworth (Adele, Foster The People) rumored to be up for the production gig.   See our article on her here.  


The M Machine – Based out of San Francisco, The M Machine picks up where The Knife’s “Silent Shout” left off…which is (in my view)…amazing industrial electronic instrumentals paired at times with gorgeous songwriting.  Opening for Porter Robinson in most 2012 dates.  DEFINITELY catch them live to see their big massive “M” handmade light show that frames the guys playing live (and yes, they are an electronic act who does in fact, play and perform the music live).  We were fortunate enough to get a sneak copy of this album in June...and wrote up a "10" review  that you can check out here.  Also here's a little album sampler for you.  



Lumineers – the next Mumford & Songs?  We think they have a big shot.  We did a feature on them earlier in the year right after they blew the doors off CMJ (indie music festival in NYC).  Hailing from Denver, Colorado…songs like “Ho Hey” are creddy anthems that will no doubt bring up comparisons to Arcade Fire or Mumford & Sons.  Now they just need to get signed.  Is Glassnote Records, home of Mumford & Songs going to make a big bid for them?  Check out our full article here and/or a little taste of "Ho Hey" below. 



CC Sheffield - you know her as the writer of "Escape Me" (also a featured vocalist) and Deadmau5's Grammy Nominated "Raise Your Weapon."  Now this smart, electro hipster starlet is getting her shot in 2012 with Ultra Records and her own single coming out around February called “Take It Outside.”  CC, you very may well be the Cat Power of electro.  CC came on our radar nearly 5 years ago as she fronted the dark indie Echo Park band, Le Rev.  She doesn’t look too bad either.  Oh, and for the original version of "Escape Me"of "Escape Me," check out the original version from CC's band Le Rev (pre Tiesto)


Nicki Williams – this is the new pop artist that Universal is going to swing the big guns for.  Think the next Rihanna, except she can and will out sing Lady “R.”   And because Nicki doesn’t have the Roc Nation “mafia” around her…unlike Rihanna, Nicki won’t get shoveled a bunch of schlocky “B” level songs from the Roc Nation camp (yes that’s how it works).  Or another way of looking at Nicki Williams…just imagine if Kelly Clarkson and Rihanna got together in a blender and started making out.  


The Birthday Massacre - how much more can I talk about The Birthday Massacre?! Delicious goth synth rock with big juicy evil pop and amazing live (and future wife of mine, lead singer, Chibi). ..I pray that the doors open for them in 2012. They are like 1 song away.  All the way from cold (most of the time) Toronto, Canada…they’re one of the best live bands I’ve seen in the last 5 years.  This is one of their older songs but check out "Video Kid"



Mother Falcon - discovered by our Curator, Chris Chantily, Mother Falcon was recently signed by our publishing company and yup, Chris is participating in the future success with this band…that’s how the Curator system works at BitCandy.  Got a great idea / artist find no one knows about yet?  Submit it here!  So, more about Mother Falcon…is there room in the market place for a 16 piece symphonic alt folk band?  Hmm?  Yes and yes. We think so. For lovers of early Arcade Fire meets Sufjan Stevens here we come.  Most of the members are in their late teens or early 20s and some of the best players (period!) in Austin.  Check out more below. 



Porter Robinson – maybe this is too obvious but we wrote up about Porter about 8 months ago.  At only 19 and hailing from North Carolina…Porter is DESTROYING it on the club circuit and being embraced as the new generation of dubstep / electronic artist.  Things are happening fast for him and just in the last year he’s gone from 0-60 and in 2012 he might be going from 60mph-120.  We shall see.  Check out Porter's set here to rip your face off and melt your iPod.




On the list for “Best New Artist 2012” but will likely underwhelm in sales:


Lana Del Rey
The problem with Lana Del Rey is that she strives for importance and actually DOES achieve this in many cases.  Unfortunately the songs Lana Del Rey writes, while having a cool vibe, and for better or worse nearly all the same dreamy droopy down tempo vocal delivery just probably won't live up the potential of the whole package.  The great thing about Lana is she's making “art” pop music.  But the hype is just too big and the songs just are not there in a big way to back it up to be more than a Pitchfork “Best New Music” artist.  

That’s why Adele wins.  She has MEGA SONGS.  It’s nearly impossible to break out in a big way if you don’t have the fuel that proverbial powers the Ferrari, which is SONGS.  We predict an under whelm in 2012 from Lana Del Rey, here though from an artistic standpoint, she gets our vote for Best New Artist 2012.