New York via Vancouver duo Bob Moses have got that song you've been looking for to close out your summer mix. It's their best new track, "Grace."

"Grace" isn't the type of song that would 'make you want to build a freeway through a low income neighborhood', as Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance claim their music is wont to make people do. Instead it's the b-side off the band's single, "I Ain't Gonna Be The First To Cry." Somewhere between House and Electronica, "Grace" is a wonderful exercise in juxtaposition. The steady bass-line  and percussions coupled with the exquisite guitar work offer an unusually sexy backdrop for lyrics that feel full of sorrow and longing. "How can you say that I'm the one you want and not the one you need?" the singer wonders again and again.

After a track this good, whomever it is they're singing about just might change their mind. Listen to it below:



Order Bob Moses I Ain't Gonna Be The First To Cry Single, which features "Grace," on iTunes or Beatport. Both tracks are pretty phenomenal, for what it's worth.

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