Bon Iver Shoe = Shark Jump



WTF.  Really?  Bon Iver has come out with his own shoe?  Double WTF.  Is this April Fools?!  I mean we thought that his DVD exercise video was one thing (hey that's not a here to check out the moves) but what is next?   The Bon Iver Steak Master Grill?  The Bon Iver Ginsu Knife Set...but wait...THAT'S NOT now and get our Bon Iver 24 in 1 adjustable wrench.  Maybe he can endorse the Shake Weight (the South Park kind if you get my drift).

Seriously is Bon Iver changing his name to Bon Iver Trump.  Maybe we'll be visiting Bon Iver theme park and casinos shortly...don't laugh Jimmy Buffet is already doing this with is Margaritaville Casino

And sure it's for Charity...but how about make some music for charity...something we want more of...not something we want less of (i.e. commercialism from our heroes).  

Or maybe there's a double standard here.  In hip hop its all about spreading your brand to different products...alcohol, clothing line, accessories, etc...but when an earthy singer / songwriter does it...someone who is the pinnacle of cool attacks just feels gross...even if it is for charity.

We don't want Bon Iver sneakers.  We want more Bon Iver songs...even if its an Outfield cover.

And what's the upside here?

Because one is going to buy your shoe that looks like Jessica Simpson's camel toe.

Except maybe Jessica Simpson.

And in case you didn't know where "Jumping the Shark" comes from...we leave that to our hero (before the shark jump), Fonzie and a cliff hanger episode of "Happy Days" (a made for ratings episode) for the explanation.  

Fonzie and Shark Jump = Bon Iver and New Shoe.

Oh and here's that Bon Iver Outfield cover btw.

What do you think?  Should our singer / songwriter icons be making footware?

What Bon Iver Product do YOU want on your Christmas list?  

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