Best New Tracks: Braids "Victoria"


Earlier this month Canadian-shoegaze-quartet Braids released their second full-length record Flourish//Perish. The album is full of cool songs, but its opener "Victoria" is the true standout and today's best new track.

Sonically speaking you can file "Victoria" next to The xx, Daughter, and the like. For some reason this track also reminds me of LDR, but I can't quite put my finger on why. "Victoria" is a piece of minimalistic electronica, accompanied by the muted vocals of Katie Lee. It slowly builds off a serious of disconnected bleeps and blips before building into a lush, melodic soundscape. It's really quite lovely.

Listen to Braids "Victoria" below:

And because we like you and are always trying to be considerate of your overall music listening experience, here's the lyrics to Braids "Victoria":

My father always said
To get out of my head
Maybe he meant to see what's next to me
A beautiful three
Their roots extending
I hope forever
And I feel bad
That anyone has
To explain like Pat after a fight on stage
With his brother
The backtracking
On the days like
I should have gotten the balloons like
I said I would I
Well I ran to the store
To pick whites and sparkles and gold
To have a night forever told
We ran to the store
My Love and I
And met an angel in disguise
Who's doing a million things
All at once
I'm so glad Love walked home with her
The two of them
Moving down the street and

Flourish//Perish is out now. You can grab it over on iTunes and presumably a lot of other places that deal in the distribution of music for profit.

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