Broken PC Review - Flo Rida "Wild Ones"



You know...Some albums come out and are just begging to be thrashed.  Such is the case with Flo Rida's new album "Wild Ones."  The album which is already heading to the record store (those that still exist) discount bins.  Doubt me?  Check Amazon where you can snatch up the whole album for $3.99.  That's right.  Because no one cares about Flo Rida (sheds a tear).  Singles yes...but gotta have the Flo Rida ALBUM?  Not just No...but Hell No!


Thus in reviewing this monumental turd was born into the existence a new addition to BitCandy.  It's My Broken PC (literally it's my broken PC made into a puppet)...this week giving a Broken PC Review of Flo Rida's new album "Wild Ones."  Hey...this Broken PC puppet ain't no fucking Elmo...but what do you want?!!?  Anyway...I think you'll find our YouTube video review entertaining all the same.




And if that's not enough are full review is right here, papi.   


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