Best New Tracks: BROODS "Bridges"


The Kiwi invasion is officially upon us. First it was Lorde, and now brother-sister duo Caleb and Georgia Nott who go by the name BROODS (ALL CAPS) and come fully-loaded with best new track "Bridges."

With the reverb turned up to 11, "Bridges" burrows its way into your heart with its lush, muted vocals and gorgeous church organ. The track swells and breaks exactly how you want it to. The hook is infectious and seems ripe for a remix. For now we're just gonna let this Auckland duo's masterful track wash over us. Hear it for yourself below.



You can download BROODS "Bridges" on the widget above. Can I stop telling you guys that now? Should I just assume that you already look there, or (gasp!) don't read this far down in the article. Eh, it's best not to assume. I'll probably still be mentioning it.

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