Cat Power Makes Shitty Zombie Video



OK...How bad is this video?  I mean really...this is about as exciting and equally shittastic as Cat Power's bad hair cut.   Ok...the song "Cherokee" not bad at fact, it's in rotation at BitCandy's internet radio.  But this video ... and the rest of the album that we reviewed here (2.2 score)...zombie puke.



And by the way, if you want to know why we think Britney Spears is wayyyy better than Cat Power, you're going to have to click here for an awesome post of rants and photoshopped pics.   

I digress...let's go through this ridiculous treatment the director...oh shit, it's Chan Marshall...must have pitched herself:

Me...Cat Power with my shitty haircut is in the desert ... maybe looking for a ride home from burning man or maybe looking to join that sweet ride Grimes is tooling around in the desert ("Oblivion" video reference).  Me, Cat Power flags down an SUV...turns out this dude has a HORRIBLE looking laser gun.  Like something you would buy in Toys R Us.  It shoots fucking...TRIANGLES!   Me, Cat Power fires this gun hitting zombie victims that are fast approaching with...get this...fucking triangles!   Me, Cat Power...Continues to fight zombies.  Me Myself and I then pair up with more extras that didn't make it in the Grimes "Oblivion" video...and reminisce about the good times before the zombie apocalypse.   A car approaches ... Cat Power you MUST hide now...But hiding needs to be done with really terrible horrible acting.  Oh no matter...the car stops these dudes....find me, Cat Power, and then have a big party. 

Zombie Apocalypse?  No worries.  "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight!"  

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By the way...has Cat Power (once the hottest indie babe) gone from a 10 to looking a little an "after" photo in Faces of Meth?  

What do you think?   What would you rate Cat Power today on a scale of 1-10.

What was the budget for the effects of this?  (my guess...a Toys R Us Gift certificate).    

Which is more fresh in this video.  The mid 80s Porsche 928S or Chan Marshall?   

Comment and send me your hate mail below.  


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