WTF: Cooking with Skrillex?!


Anyone paying attention to music these past few years knows just how diversely talented Sonny Moore is. Whether fronting the transcendent post-hardcore band From First to Last, changing the face of electronica and dubstep as Skrillex, or getting nominated for a Grammy by collaborating with the remaining members of The Doors, the man has left his stamp on the music landscape.

But did you also know that he's an accomplished cook?  We came across this awesome Tumbler:  We highly recommend taking a visit here...below some well photoshopped picks and many more where that came from via CookingWithSkrillex.  

Chef Skrillex

Now (!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!) Skrillex is not actually a chef. But what if he was? What would it look like? The truly inspired Cooking with Skrillex attempts to answer that question.

The links between cooking and DJing are rather obvious.

Chef Skrillex

Both involve mixing (excuse the pun) various ingredients that may not seem to mesh, but in the end need to be homogeneous. A want to create, an attention to detail, excellent hand-eye coordination, and patience are needed to be successful in both endeavors.

The question I'm interested in though is what kind of cook Skrillex would be? Cooking with Skrillex offers up its suggestions, but I combed through his musical catalog to see if any clues to his cooking prowess could be found.

The one thing all Skrillex songs have in common is that they're high-energy and aggressive. These ingredients (again forgive the pun) lead me to believe that Skrillex would likely be a Teppanyaki chef.

Chef Skrillex

He could also be a Pizzaiolo, since pizza making involves artistic and creative flare, as well a kinetic creative process.

Lastly, I think Sonny probably does a lot of stir-fry cooking, since that style of cuisine tends to have the same characteristics as his musical stylings.

stir fry


What type of chef do you think Skrillex would be?


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