Cherry Tree Destroys More Teen Dreams

For the record, we love Cherry Tree.  They totally "get" alternative pop...just like our free interenet know, pop that is cool and creddy.  The Brits have a word for it called "Wonky."   Whatever.  OK...Go back to your fish and chips.  


On that note....Remember Rye Rye?   That cool street cred teen chick from Baltimore that had an abundance of swagger, vibe and you'd totally want to hang with...Here's a reminder of one of her early tracks.


Raw, edgy, from the streets, fresh, exciting...I could go on.


Enter Cherry Tree / Interscope, her current label, where all cool and crediness has been erased / all the things that made her special is eclipsed by this 3rd grade level new song (heart sinks) called..."Boom Boom," which sounds like was made for an 8 year old (no joke). 




Credit to Arjan Writes for breaking this track.  I have no idea how he got that one...seeing how he's rumored on Cherry Tree my opinion.   


I'm naming this the Sky Ferreira syndrome.   She could have been super cool and creddy....but (Steve Martin voice)...but NNnnnooooooo we need a homogenized pop smash that ticks all the boxes except the one between your legs. 


Ok done with this rant.


What do you think? 


Was Rye Rye more exciting before Cherry Tree Records? 


Does Arjan Writes shill for Cherry Tree? 


What is up with that red jacket?  

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