Best Chillwave Songs (10 Vibes) | Week 29 2013

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It is that time of the week again when the music blog formerly known as Bit-Candy rides the chillwave, all the way into the weekend, with help from some of the best producers and songwriters around, including, but certainly not limited to, Valentin Stip, J£ZUS MILLION and XXYYXX.  Thanks, as always, to our awesome Curators who helped us out with this week's picks. Did you know that you can be a Curator, and help us out with our Indie, Electro, PopSmut and Chill Out round ups, too? To find out how all of that works, then click here, or talk to me in the comments.



Tropics  “Courage (Feat. Gavin Turek)”

Thanks to Mr Suicide Sheep for introducing us to the 22-year-old British producer, Tropics, and the very latest offering from his EP, Home & Consonance, “Courage,” which features the Los Angeles chanteuse, Gavin Turek. Quit bickering in the YouTube comments and enjoy the music, everybody.


Thompost “Ghostly”

Thomas Hoey, otherwise known as Thompost, delivers the Feng Shui vibes on “Ghostly.” This fluid composition of vibraphones, acoustics and other intriguing sound effects is the British producer's latest release on a personal favorite label of mine, Bad Panda Records. And, everything feels better?


Klingande “Jubel”

Klingande are two French students “who love making and mixing music,” at least according to their Soundcloud. They formed in December last year, and have two tracks to their very peculiar name: “Punga” and “Jubel.” And I think that we could all do with a bit more fucking sax in our daily lives.


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Valentin Stip “Nwia” (Curator Duffster)

The French producer, Valentin Stip, who started making music, after relocating to Canada, recently unveiled his sophomore EP, Angst, on Nicolas Jarr's very own label, Clown & Sunset. “Nwia,” an evolving lattice of snaps, crackles and pops, is the second from last track on the limited edition EP.


F∆UXE “Cyber Wars”

I first brought you F∆UXE in Week 24, and now Mr. Illuminati has done it again. The Singaporean producer has uploaded “Cyber Wars” to his Soundcloud, a track which, for some odd reason or another, did not make the cut on his EP, COMFORT. Raise your hand triangles to the sky, hipsters.


Banks “Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)”

This is a very exciting combination of talents, the both of whom you should keep your eyes on. The British producer duo, Snakehips, give the Los Angeles singer, Banks, just the right amount of space to unfurl her vocals in this remix. Check the video for the original “Warm Water,” over at YouTube.


Emilie Nicolas “Nobody Knows”

And now for something completely different, to quote Monty Python... We are all falling for Emilie Nicolas, a 24-year-old songbird from Norway, here at the BitCandy office. She first appeared in PopSmut, but her simultaneously consoling and disquieting pipes are ideal for Chill Out times, too.


T.H.I.E.F.S. “Falling For You” (Curator Duffster)

I previously brought you T.H.I.E.F.S. in Week 26. The novice British producer is currently writing and recording his debut EP, and recently unveiled “Falling For You,” which he describes like so: “Stuck with a deep vibe everybody will have somebody in mind listening to this.” Very true, kid...


J£ZUS MILLION “Memo” (Curator Cassidy)

“Quick tune I made tonight...” “I” meaning the Boston producer, J£ZUS MILLION, and “tonight” meaning, like, four months ago. Okay, I know that I am late to the game, but what a great track this 19-year-old knocked up in a night. Does she keep on repeating “Wikipedia” or is that uh, just me?



I am closing down this week, with a 45 minute fucking mixtape, because YOLO, and because it is by XXYYXX, duh. Big thanks to The Fader for offering up this mixtape as a free download on their Soundcloud, to celebrate XXYYXX's set at Warm Up at The MoMA PS1 in New York, last week.


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