Top Chillwave Songs - Week 35 2013

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Hey Jesse, where you going with that tank full of gasoline in your hand? Sit back, take a drag (oops, we forgot, Huell stole your pot!) and think all of this through with the help of today's Top Chillwave Songs. Thanks to the Curators who helped us out with this week's picks from Mistabishi, Teen Daze, Glasser and many more. If you would like to be a Curator, click here. (Artwork by André Foucteau!)


Vancouver Sleep Clinic “Vapour”

Vapour” is the debut single from Brisbane songwriter, Tim Bettinson, aka Vancouver Sleep Clinic. Okay, he does sound like Bon Iver, but this took our breath away on first listen, and it will also take yours.


Glasser “Shape”

Shape” is the first single to be taken from Glasser's sophomore album, which is due to be unveiled in October on True Panther. It is like Björk rode a chillwave all the way to Lykke Li's pad in Ystad.


Electric Division “Tremors (Teen Daze Remix)”

You would think that Teen Daze is distracted by the forthcoming release of his third album, Glacier, but Jamison has still found the time to unveil this downtempo take on Electric Division's “Tremors.”


Astronomyy “Things I'd Do For U”

The enigmatic Astronomyy, who may or may not be called Aaron, and who may or may not be from Worcestershire, treats us to another slice of delicious, guitar inflected R&B, “Things I'd Do For U.”


Sleep Party People “Heaven Above Us” (Curator Duffster)

Oh, the perks of having only 324 views. YouTube are yet to take down the video for “Heaven Above Us,” despite the boobs and David Lynch bunny rabbit. Quickly watch it, before it disappears forever.


Raffertie “Rain (Teebs Remix)”

They are the central pivot of the original, but Raffertie's vocals form a mere backdrop during Teebs' remix of “Rain.” Check out that original, from the debut album, Sleep Of Reason, over at YouTube.


Mistabishi “Repulsion”

If The Flaming Lips were fronted by Connan Mockasin, they would compose songs like Mistabishi's “Repulsion,” as taken from the appropriately titled Calm, which drops in September on Noh Music.


Jullian Gomes “Love Song 28 (Feat. Bobby) (Charles Webster Remix)”

Defected Records recently unveiled a compilation of work by house virtuoso, Charles Webster. The oeuvre includes this never before heard reworking of Jullian Gomes' debut single, “Love Song 28.”


Recondite “Abscondence”

Recondite has moved over to the spiritual world, aka Ghostly, to release his debut album, Hinterland in November. The tinkering and percussively intense “Abscondence” is the first song to be unveiled.


Bastille “Things We Lost In The Fire (SaneBeats Remix)”

SaneBeats' take on “Things We Lost In The Fire” was going to feature on Bastille's EP, but for some reason, they pulled it last minute. Probably because the 18 year old fucking owns Bastille's original?


BitCandy is back with the top chillwave songs, next Friday. We hope that your sh*t is back together, Jesse. Would you like to hug it out? (Do not watch Breaking Bad? It must suck to be you right now!)

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