If you're into some weird, out there ish that gets in your face and rattles your f**king cage, then you'll probably agree with us that clipping. "Body & Blood" is a best music video.

While the only thing we're showing on this site is the censored version of the video for clipping. "Body & Blood," my discernment tells me that it is still Not Safe For Most Workplaces. But don't let me stop you from doing it, you just may not want to watch this at the place you get your paycheck from, that is all.

Still unsure, let's check with the sociopaths over at RapGenius to see what they think this song is about:

"'Body & Blood' is a song about a woman luring men in with sex to kill and eat them, like that of a praying mantis."

While I disagree with the notion that any song could have a single interpretation, they are correct in this instance. And this is exactly what this video shows. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Still here! Great, I figured you were the right kind of freaky. It's time to get your weird on.



For those of you looking for the uncensored version of this video (PERVERT!), check out Vimeo.

clipping.'s self-titled debut is out now from Sub Pop. The guess here is you know where to buy or illegally download it.

Thanks for stopping by Bitcandy, where we've had a praying mantis fantasy/fetish before it was all cool and trendy. 

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