Canadian-born, London-living folkstress Cold Specks is back with another cool song, with her new single, "Absisto."

"Absisto" is the lead single off Cold Specks' sophomore LP, Neuroplasticity. Al Spx's lush vocals are at the center of this track, surrounded by a variety of rock, orchestral, and ambient songs. Working as a melting pot for various genres, "Absisto" is more edgy and grungy than anything Cold Specks has done to date. With some song-stealing appearances on Swans and Moby's recent albums, Spx is positioning herself for a major breakthrough. If "Absisto" is any indication of what her record is going to sound like, it's going to be a big year for her.



Now if you'd like hear this song while some spooky and pictureaesques images taken from some woods back in Cold Specks homeland, check out the video below. Ian Pons Jewell was behind the camera for this one.



Neuroplasticity is out on August 26th thanks to the good folks over at Mute Records. Pre-orders are being taken now on Cold Specks official site.

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