Crystal Castles "Kerosene (Valy Mo ††‡† rmx)"


French DJ/Producer Valy Mo is making waves on the internet again, this time because of a game-changing edit of the Crystal Castles song "Kerosene." We think his cut is Best New Tracks, but you'll have to decide for yourself down below.

I was wholly unfamiliar with the work of Valy Mo before I heard his twisted remix of Crystal Castles "Kerosene." I'm not sure what's going on with the symbols in the title, or why the vowels have been removed from 'remix', but I do know that this song kicks. Since this is originally a Crystal Castles song, we already know that it's going to be bleak,  but Valy Mo has somehow found a way to make this track darker, weirder, and ultimately more interesting.

Hear Crystal Castles "Kerosene (Valy Mo ††‡† rmx)" below:

The original version of Crystal Castles "Kerosene" is below for your juxtaposing pleasure:

You can download Valy Mo's gloomy remix of "Kerosene" for free over at Crystal Castles soundcloud.

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