We're back with some bumper vibes, ten in total, seriously, ten!

It's been an epic start to the New Year, so much goodness already streaming, so much greatness ahead. Do you have Bjork's album yet? Me neither, I bet it's great though, also wager it'll be way over my head too. Nevermind, The Vaccines are back, and that gets my soul pumped to no extreme!

Do you know how tough it was to select just TEN since we last crossed swords? F'kin hell, harsh. This being a tasty nod towards the year ahead, at the Emerging level, how good is all these established + past (Moroder to TLC), BIGGER acts grabbing 2K15 too? Among various shifts in the musical landscape, leave that for the experts to cover, good luck.

Fantastic music we've filtered for you this week, music we may have covered late here; however, if you follow us on our social outlets, you'll know we flagged these artists before pretty much all of the buzz-blogs had stamped hype. We have video-nasty from Allie X, some of the biggest hooks of 2015 so far in Nick Klein and Jarryd James, plus introducing Vallis Alps, GANGLY, Tongues and more.



I'll be honest, I never really boarded the Allie X express. I just didn't feel she was up there with some of the notable (strong) female acts breaking last year. Sure, I got the appeal. That all changed      
this week. I watched this mental gif-craze clip for her "Catch" track that has captured where she's heading, and that's a one way ticket to future GaGa. I get it now.



ICYMI the blogosphere is going bat shit crazy for Vallis Alps right now. The Australian duo spread like wildfire when their truly immense self-titled debut EP dropped out of... basically nowhere, and rightfully so. This is the first buzz-worthy music of the year. Go on, get all over this, and relay the WOW moments.



This was one of the most original tracks we heard this month, the sort of enjoyable song Soundcloud's newly featured repeat function was made for. I literally played this a dozen times over and have yet to tire of it. It's not our first time hearing the Dutch duo consisting of vocalist Nick & producer Ferdous Dehzad, though it's "Paralyzed" grabbing our attention. Wonderfully tight vibes shimmer beneath Nick's rich vocal and still Dehzad managed to steal the show. Putting it bluntly - we cannot fuckin' wait to hear what their debut EP sounds like. Get following already.



Hand clapping, foot stomping, head bopping brilliance! This is just incredible and I don't get to say that often enough. FKA Jarryd Klapper has released a huge debut track under Jarryd James. Instantly likeable is "Do You Remember," before sucking us into this utterly infectious chorus that begs to be played over & over.



"Could you fuck with someone else / I'm so tired." I wasn't aware my wife began writing songs, huh-huh. Now anonymity is increasingly on the rise with new acts, the whole let the music/imagination kick in. We have another culprit here - a mysterious Icelandic trio, GANGLY, is the anonymous band grabbing the blogosphere by the virtual nuts and commanding we take their music first over any sob story of how they were (probably) raised in the wilderness by feral dogs, with only tin cans to inspire their drive to create this immersive sound with otherworldly vocals.



I was SoundCloud 'surfing' my local scene (Glasgow, UK) for new talent and stumbled upon a two-month-old song by an artist named TONGUES, coupled with this jazzy Caribou-inspired backdrop art. "Colours In The Dark" was the track. It had a meagre 65 spins with zero traction on the cloud. Normally that equates to poor quality - if even your cat won't register some h<3rt. Turned out he sounds like an energized Buckfast-fuelled Ben Khan (vocals), fused with the similar electro-pop pull that Glasgow is currently thriving on, i.e CHVRCHES, Prides, The Wild Curve and many more wonderful acts. Happens I turned over a private track (sorry Tim), hence no traction. What happened next was 40k plays, numerous blog entries, a wall of sharing that continues to crash, or even Kill The Waves... for Tim Kwant. Unearthed moments like that are all those hours searching, made worthwhile. Enjoy.



What else can be said about this rapidly emerging pop phenomenon that hasn't already been said? I guess we could say in all likelihood this is the last time she features in our Emerging BitCandy section and leaps into the upper echelons of the saturated pop ladder. "Ego" is one of our favorite pop tracks of the month. It shows Tove's versatility too in comparison with her bombastic "Even If I'm Loud" debut track. Styrke is joining those ranks whether she's talking to you or not.



Breaking this R&B tinged flow with something a little more aggressive, Brit-pop influenced and a stinging gnarly edge. These boys are only 16-17 years old and resonating with every major label out there. Comparisons draw from Arctic Monkeys to Manic Street Preachers, brought about solely on the basis of debut track "Cave Song." All this before playing a live gig... pressure? Thankfully we're hyped around this young Welsh trio too. Having just heard the follow-up track and feedback from THAT first gig, it comes highly recommended and we'd personally throw in Blackpool's 'Darlia' as a current bridge, if in need to compare.



Another young stand-out band capable of breaking waves from Brighton to here in L.A., High Tyde are on the cusp of boarding way above the most hotly tipped UK bands. "Talk To Frank," kids - Google that - nothing to to do with Donnie Darko. It's the most encouraging offering from the four-piece. This now feels like we're witnessing a coming-of-age. Ditch the Bombay comparisons, the tide must be taken when it comes.



We've chosen this beauty, "Midnight," from the forthcoming Headlights EP to close this playlist. We recently discovered the Swedish singer/songwriter Tor Miller. (You gotta go search Tor's music.) His raw talent is barely exposed, before long. If you've made it this far, kudos, grab the headset and just take a few minutes to recharge your bones. You'll love this, you'll love Miller.


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