While Danny L. Harle and the PC Music crew have become quite notorious for a very specific brand of peculiar pop, which is just as influenced by IDM and chiptune as 80s pop and synthwave, it's Superorganism, the London Eight-Piece Psych-Pop band, that levels up the weird on this remix of “Blue Angel.” 

The original track released this past February (found pretty much anywhere on the internet if you just Google it) leans more to the normal side of things than usually comes from this label that specifically specializes in psycho bubble pop freak music. With Clairo on vocals, Harle has crafted a bit of a synth-wave love ballad that never dives too deep into the weird to feel like it couldn’t belong on the radio.  In fact, “Blue Angel” might be the first radio-friendly hit from the PC Music collective.



But then Superorganism come along and screw all that up (in a good way). They speed “Blue Angel” up to breakneck speeds and chop the beat to hell, adding in all sorts of breaks and discordant sound effects that make this track markedly less listenable. Or more so-- depending on your taste.

The staff here at We Are: the Guard like it as weird as we can get it and this bizzaro remix, thrown through the cheese grater and stranged the hell to infinity, is just the kind of thing we're looking for.

Never the ones to allow themselves to be referred to as anything but abhorrently abnormal, this inharmonious (in the scheme of things) remix from Superorganism comes as an official release from PC Music.  It’s as if they’re trying to say, “Just when you think we're starting to take this shit seriously, we'll make you question everything all over again.  It’s 2018 BABY, POP IS WEIRD AS HELL Nothing is real.”  Harle is maybe one of the more traditional artists on the roster, and PC Music must be refusing to let that stand as is.  That’s why they brought Superorganism in to make this one a more label-friendly (aka strange and amazing and freak-focused) version.

Superorganism might seem like they’d feel more at home writing their own music, rather than remixing other people's tunes, yet somehow they able to channel some of their skype-session studio wild weirdness into some manic madness for this bizarre beat.  If this ain’t your style, you should still check out some Superorganism originals.  It’s not as weird as this, but then again what ever could be?  May we suggest: SPRGNSM.


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