Danny Keith: It's Just a Place I'm Looking For (2011)

The recent Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fair is an explosion of colors... until you find Danny Keith's work, It's Just a Place I'm Looking For, semi 'misplaced’ among many contemporary visual artworks.  Danny's new obra may just mean that, where a young man meditates while he stares at his serene reflection in the river beneath. 

There's just something about those Converse sneakers juxtaposed against the solemn zen type reflective moment that just really does something for me.  I don't know exactly what.  But that's why they call it art.

This oil on panel, impressionist painting, measures 20 x 16 inches only – but the composition and pose used is based on traditional themes crafted by renowned American artists Homer, Eakins, and Sargent depicting activities in day-to-day life. 

Danny's modern impressionist paintings don't only mix the inspiration and techniques of the Impressionist era, but his style of making a short story out of his works has gained him respect in the art community. 

A walk down memory lane?  Danny's love for historical art and techniques has made him address issues in our society by forging past and present into an artwork that calls for open-mindedness.   If you were to take context in the themes that he has used so far, I can only interpret this work as finding that peace and calm from society's supreme stereotypes – a place where you can just be yourself... where you can be free…with or without the American Apparel hoodie.

The Genius Behind the Obra:

Danny Keith earned his Bachelor's of Arts from the Notre Dame College, NH in 1988 and a Master's in Fine Arts from the California College of the Arts.  Most of his exhibitions were held in California.

Awards:           2007 The San Francisco Foundation  ( Cadogan Fine Art Fellowship )