Owl Vision - Doomster

BitCandy Rating: 8.1

Lest you think EDM is all twerking, pill-popping, and neo-hippy flower children sh*t, Swedish producer Owl Vision is here to set the record straight. His fifth full-length album, Doomster, offers up a far darker version of EDM than the music from the genre which has dominated the first part of this decade.

The self-proclaimed founder and father of "Death Electro," Owl Vision more than backs up his claims on the eight tracks that make up this LP. The brief opener "Crypt" sounds like the chanting of some demonic monks and it sets the tone for what's to come. From there things get twisted and dark as in the most wonderful and weird ways. In the end Owl Vision proves that he might just really be the Osris of this EDM shit.    



The countless op-eds predicting the decline of EDM, comparing it to disco, have been around since the genre stopped it's world-devouring pace that peaked in 2012. But what all of those boringly redundant pieces miss are artists like Owl Vision who are making music that feels as revolutionary as the whole scene did when it broke into the mainstream.

You won't find elements of "Kill Me Now" or "Death Fetish" being co-opted by the pop stars like Rihanna and Katy Perry, namely because this isn't music from the masses. One of the reasons for EDM's ascension is because it was one of the few styles of music that hadn't been gang-banged by Corporate America yet. It was some outsider shit that was embraced by a generation looking for ways to tell the one that proceeded it to get fucked. Despite his polished sound, Owl Vision still has the feel of that underground, rebellious shit.

Thematically Doomster actually feels like a black metal record. From the jump there's a heavy atmosphere of gloom and destruction. A quick glance at a quick glance at the song titles confirms what your ears have already been telling you: these are some banging, misanthropic jams. This is not for the mainstream. This is for people who want to go to a concert and sing 'Kill me now' for five minutes. They don't really care who else is in the choir. 


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