"Yankee Rose" July 4 David Lee Tribute!



Ahh the look and smell of videos circa 1986.  Where David Lee Roth made a small 'artform' of the short video...all the while trying to 'one up' Van Halen.  This video is totally bad and totally awesome all at the same time (and maybe just a little bit Gay......Hey Nice Ass Dave!). 'Gimme A Bottle of Anything...And A Glazed Donut...To Go!!!'  

Of course the song pays tribute lyrically to the "Yankee Rose" of America and the 4th of July...well...if she was a slut.  Well she kinda is.    Anyway...enjoy the epicness that is 80s David Lee Roth.  (featuring also my favorite guitar player of all time, Steve Vai aka who is totally not from this planet) 


David Lee Roth - Yankee Rose

And if you didn't have enough comedy...you NEED to hear the Spanish version here (especially the intro talking part...classic)!  

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