It's no secret that New York's Automatic Reaction DJ conglomerate is playing a different game than just about everyone else. It's about volume more than anything else, along with the exceptional work the individual DJs put out, they also have a seemingly endless line of duos cranking out best new tracks, like Dead Pop Stars Society's "XXXtra Juicy."

Dead Pop Stars Society is Salvador G and MF Rex, two heavyweights in their own rights. The Automatic Reaction co-founders say their new project gets it's creative inspiration from "classic pop art, underground cinema, dystopian literature, Freudian psychology, and a wide array of music influences." The first single, "XXXtra Juicy," isn't necessarily all of that, it's just a great mashup. With 20 samples in just over five minutes "XXXtra Juicy" is filling, but never feels stuffed. My gut reaction was Girl Talk with more pop sensibilities. That's obviously some unfair reductionism, but what do you want from me? I'm a blogger after all.

Even if you're not a big fan of mashups (what's wrong with you?), you should give "XXXtra Juicy" a spin. The fact that Biggie is rapping the entire times makes it less disconcerting than a lot of its contemporaries. Hear it for yourself below:



You can download Dead Pop Stars Society "XXXtra Juicy" on the above widget. Dead Pop Stars Society's forthcoming record, Automatic Reaction Presents...Dead Pop Stars Society, is out February 11th, 2014 via (you guessed it) Automatic Reaction. It will be available for free at

DPSS will also be touring… eventually. There's a promo video, but no dates yet. Peep the former below:

<p><a href="">Dead Pop Stars Society World Tour Promo Video</a> from <a href="">Jack Ginsberg</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

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