Rotten Tomatoes Score: 84%

Number 11 in our countdown of the Best Indie Films of 2014 is “Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead,” a nonsensical and unapologetically relentless zombie extravaganza that gets off at the silliness of its reasoning as well as the gratuitous bloodbath that it was so eager to dish out every chance it got. Cerebral is the last adjective you want to use to describe ‘Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead’ but balls to the wall fun (well guts, brains, etc if you really think about it) it is, in every sense of the phrase. It’s a curious piece of filmmaking is all I’m saying and it is best enjoyed with an empty brain and stomach.

For the uninitiated, ‘Dead Snow 2’ is a sequel to ‘Dead Snow’ for obvious reasons (hence the title) and is directed by the same mad genius Tommy Wirkola. The difference this time is that it’s bigger, more elaborate and a bit more ambitious. If its predecessor is content at feeding the fun-loving medical students to the murderous Nazi Zombies at a remote cabin in its first outing, ‘Dead Snow 2’ has bigger and more epic aspirations.



And when I say bigger and epic, I mean carnage of World War II proportions. Somehow, Wirkola thought that Colonel Herzog (Ørjan Gamst), the iron-fisted Nazi Zombie leader he created in the first installment, is too big of a character to just be confined at a remote mountain killing powerless mortals. A man of his stature has bigger and better things to do. So he decided this time to give a little bit of his strength to Martin (Vegar Hoel), the lone survivor of the first film via surgically attaching Herzog’s right arm to him after the doctors assumed that it was his.

You see, in ‘Dead Snow,’ Martin decided to remove his right arm with a chainsaw after he was bitten by a zombie and when he and Herzog had a climactic struggle at a car in the first movie, the latter’s right arm was severed in a wreck and fell next to him so the well- meaning doctors assumed it was his. Are you buying the story so far? Good.

So what’s a man hell-bent on revenge got to do with a super powerful arm capable of raising the dead? Give the Nazi Zombie leader a taste of his own medicine by raising your own undead army. And since they are Nazis, why not look for an equally sinister counterpart in World War II-era Soviet Zombies.



Genius! Add some ‘textbook’ American zombie hunters in the mix for comedic purposes and the whole movie turns into a massive melting pot of blood-soaked melee, devoid of reason or restraint. It’s beyond rhyme or reason but it is captivating nonetheless.

‘Dead Snow 2’ is a rarity not only because it’s one of the top Sleeper Films of 2014 but mainly because it actually is more compelling than its predecessor—at least for me. It is glorious, intoxicating, graphically inventive (mostly involving intestines) and thoroughly entertaining; totally a zombie comedy for the ages.



‘Dead Snow 2’ picks up exactly where the first film left off. Lone survivor Martin (Vegar Hoel) wakes up in a hospital and is shocked to find out that the doctors have surgically attached Coronel Herzog’s (Ørjan Gamst), the Nazi Zombie leader’s right arm to his right elbow—inheriting its power and curse in the process. It can be remembered that in the first film, Martin removed his right arm with a chainsaw after he was bitten by a zombie and during a car wreck incident that involved him and Coronel Herzog, the latter’s arm was torn off and fell right beside him. So when the doctors found Martin, they thought it was his so they instinctively attached it to him. Now, he’s stuck with an arm that’s super strong and is able to raise the dead. What’s a man with nothing to lose got to do? Upon knowing that Herzog is amassing a zombie army to slaughter the present-day residents of the small town that fought back the Germans in World War II, he decides to form an army of his own by bringing World War II Soviet soldiers from the dead. It’s a plan so crazy and so out of the box that it might just work!