Death Grips "Hackers" and "Hustle Life"


In the Best New Songs 2012 category, describing the music of Death Grips is a lot like playing scrabble blindfolded. Plausible as it may initially seem, once you get down to it it's a nearly impossible task. Every adjective in the book has been placed in front of the words "hip hop" in an attempt to explain the band's sound, but none of them do it justice. With that in mind I'm not even going to try. I'm just going to say that their songs are awesome at best and interesting at worst. But really their music speaks for itself. 

Check out two songs, "Hackers" and "Hustle Bones," off their newest record, The Money Store, below:


Death Grips - Hustle Bones


Death Grips - Hacker

The Money Store is out April 24 via our peeps at Epic. 


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