Deer Tick: Ahh, So Close to Getting Blown Up


But failed.

In the new Deer Tick video "Main Street" the band uses a pyro-technicians wet dream of "on stage" fireworks displays and balls out "explosion" visuals.

The only thing wrong in the equation is that Deer Tick themselves didn't get blown up making this video.

In fact, they should also try this concept out in their studio ASAP and maybe blow up their mixing board. Now that would be awesome.

This video gets an "A" for concept as well as (duh) being "a video" and in my typical Deer Tick hater fashion a "C -" for the actual song...thus, landing it in the "W" category of indie rock for "whatever." Such is the ABC alphabet of Deer Tick.

Will you or I be singing this Deer Tick song 12 or even 6 months from now? I don' think so. If questionable, just check your iTunes for last date played of Deerhoof or Tapes N Tapes.

Guys, next time let's see the real thing. Just sit on a stack of dynamite and light that fuse. I would love it.

And a real note on real deer ticks. This is serious shit. Do you know Darryl Hall from Hall Oats has lyme disease he got from a deer tick? The deer tick carries this disease and if they get embedded in you and goes untreated your nervous system is pretty much screwed. So after you frolic in the forest ... check yourself before your wreck yourself.

That's the nature / science tip of the day from BitCandy's Blogs On Music.

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