Diplo - Get It Right Remix

Diplo is back to what he does best with his newest remix of his recent track “Get It Right,” where he once again employs the talents of MØ. For the remix, RCA-signed rapper GoldLink comes along for the ride. We Are: The Guard takes a listen to this newest drop from the legendary producer.



Last we have heard from Diplo was through his documentary about Major Lazer's historic concert in Cuba, with the an eye-opening display of youth culture in the island country. For the new year, he employs the vocal talents from a familiar collaborator, MØ, the Danish electro-pop bombshell who has already lent her voice to the smash-hit “Lean On.” Along for the ride this time around is DeAnthony Carlos, a rising rapper known by his stage pseudonym, GoldLink. Together is the newest track to soon hit your airwaves, or the banners song to another kitschy electronic gadget campaign.

“Get It Right” almost seems par for the course for Diplo, that merges several genres in the pursuit of extracting and exhibit the favorable attributes of all its participants. It sounds familiar and regular, which might be boring to some, but a testament why Diplo is the go-to brains behind a successful electro-pop single. Within a three-minute duration, all of the appeal of the original “Get It Right” is given a slightly more alluring coat of paint, as GoldLink's brief appearance actually blends in seamlessly with the vocals from MØ and a sultry backdrop supplemented by the master of his craft, Diplo. If you liked the original, this newly-released remix should supplant that version immediately on your playlist.