Today's Candy: Remembering "Days Gone By"


I remember first seeing this video way back in 2001.  Yes indeed the story of a lonely (and well dressed) break dancer looking to reclaim his long last love from back in the day.  

And what I love about this video is that...from the very beginning you just can't take your eyes away...I're immediately hooked from the beginning to find out what is going on and how this epic saga of breakdancing love is going to end.  

This was also one of the entrances in the indie / electronic world of major product placement and the huge tie in with the Mitsubishi Eclipse, which no doubt you'll find hard to miss in this video (most notably as the styling of that car has really held it's own after 10 years (joke).  

You'll also notice the only time we see the actual band members, Dirty Vegas, is inside the car. Dudes, shouldn't you be driving something cooler?  Anyway.... 

My favorite part is the "Nice Shoes" comment.