Disclosure Rips off 10 year old UK Two Step


Did Disclosure and Eliza Doolittle just rip off Shola Ama from like 10-15 years ago?  Either way...the 2 uber cool UK peeps connect for a tour de force of British alternative pop soul electro power.  Check out the new video here.  Do Eliza and Disclosure have the goods?  What's going on here? ... is the dude in Disclosure dating Eliza and would they make a great couple.  Actually, I should know this and look it up...but I gotta be honest.  It's 1am and I'm lazy. And want to get this video post haste!  So, like watch!:

I mean ... I love the track...It's so refreshing to hear some musicality happen in pop music.  And at BitCandy, if you've visitied our Popkiller or PopSmut best of indie pop page, you know we love our cool creddy pop.  

But then again, I think people are fogetting that this is just kinds of rehashing Shola Ama from like 15 years ago when this sound was called "two step."  DOH!  Disclosure, sorry but you suddently don't seem so ground breaking.  Proof below.  Sorry, bro. 


Shola Ama - Feels So Good (Two Step Mix) 


Shola Ama - Imagine


What do you think?  Am I off track here or is Disclosure just picking up on an old sound and rehashing it?  Comment below so we can bitch it out.