DJ Lennox 'Live Big Part 2' - One of the absolute BEST mixtapes ever.


Thanks to Ari for the special Guest Post from Ari's MixTapes! Take it over Ari. ---  A couple years back DJ Lennox came out of nowhere with a blend mixtape titled “Live Big Part 2.” This was a fitting title, as the mixtape is all Big L, Notorious B.I.G. and Big Punisher. Yes, yes, I know what you’re saying, these artists have all passed away and have no new material. I know, I always felt the same way. Trust me, I was blown away when I first heard this cd. The songs are so well crafted that it actually seems like these artists were together in the studio. This made's top 5 Blend Mixtapes of all time!

So now to the songs. Just what is special about them? Well, I’ll start with the beats and production. The beats are all dark, they sound like a rainy day in New York City. Cabs whipping by, grey dark sky, dope boys standing on the corner. I am transported to NYC every single time I hear this mixtape. There are no happy, club-type songs on here. These are the gritty, gangsta tracks that helped these 3 unbelievable artists from various parts of NYC gain their fame. Big Pun rapping over Raekwon’s classic “Rainy Days”? You got it. Kool G Rap hopping on a track with Big L and Big Pun with a Biggie track supplying the backdrop? That’s here too. My personal favorite track is Biggie and Pun rapping over Junior Mafia’s “Get Money.” It just sounds so crazy to hear the two legends go back and forth like that.

You simply have to hear this. It is just too strong to put into words. Even with the insane amount of mixtapes that we check out over at, this one still blew us away. 5 stars. For more Mixtape Reviews, check out our blog at