Film: Dog Eat Dog (Colombian, 2008)


You know, I love gritty action films.  And yup, I’ve seen all the great American ones. So it’s a great treat to find something awesome like this Colombian gangster flick, Dog Eat Dog aka “Perro Come Perro.” 

Dog Eat Dog accurately depicts the gangland in Cali (2nd biggest city in Colombia), with its many local cultural references like witchcraft, drug traffic, and poverty, sprinkled with some salsa beats and Latin music. And while it seems cruel and rather cynical, the story doesn’t typecast Colombia; it simply shows events that can occur anywhere, and the consequences are based on the decisions made in the film.  
A debut movie for director/writer Carlos Moreno, this Colombian thriller is comparable to most of Quentin Tarantino’s movies—there’s blood, hard core (but smart) violence, betrayal, quirky characters, and of course, dark comedy. Note to the weak hearted folks: there are crazy parts and serious violence that might put you off! But hey, you don’t want to miss the interesting twists, as well as Alvaro Rodriguez’s mischievous character and his legendary one-liners. 
A mobster boss who suffers from agoraphobia, El Ojeron (Blas Jaramillo) lives surrounded with numerous security telescopes in his posh high-rise condo in central Cali, Colombia. 
After his godson is viciously gunned down, he seeks assistance from a voodoo priestess, Iris, to cast a lethal spell on the triggerman, Eusebio (Óscar Borda). 
Meanwhile, the mobster boss, El Ojeron hires Victor (Marlon Moreno) to execute a job collecting drug money from an elusive pair of twins. Consumed by greed, Victor decides to break the gangster code and steal the bag of cash for himself. He hides the money from his unsuspecting mob boss in a city center hotel room that he and Eusebio shares. 
The twosomes try everything in their might to outwit their boss, hoping to be liberated from the underworld’s maze of erratic, perilous associations. The repercussions of their deeds drive the sinister, witty plot with several twists, turns, and ghastly killings.