In the past week I reckon I've heard perhaps the worst track of the year and also what will be the "best" album of the year.'s awful "It's My Birthday" and at the other end of the musical spectrum - Sam Smith's long awaited debut, In The Lonely Hour, which justified the monumental hype and then some, that's buzzed for the past year or so over this exceptional talent. If only Smith & Hannah Reid would hook up for a track together.

We've got some exciting emerging candy this week including Tenterhook, Hilang Child, Bry and introducing Azure! Artwork from Sabrina Scott.




Back in March we introduced you to a demo track "Stereo," from up & coming talent Tenterhook. The classically trained Archie Faulks has just released another fantastic demo in "Chemicals," a shimmering piece of indie folk-pop. It feels like a lost track from one of my favourite albums, Suego Faults by Wolf Gang. I have it jammed on repeat & it gets better with each listen. It's only a matter of time before he's blazing the airwaves & beyond.



Ed Riman goes by the moniker Hilang Child (Lost Child), creating some wonderful alt folk music that is yet to really emerge toward the larger audience it deserves. This fuckin' superb Dan Rice directed visual has only 500 views since dropping over a week ago, yeah criminal. "Human Dreams" is lifted from Ed's The Garth Waterman EP. Sit back & enjoy Ed's epic vocal, share and go explore his fetching sound.



We mentioned Meanwhile for your ear candy a few months ago with "Luvletta," a debut that coined the Prince comparison - that can't be a bad compliment though, huh? The follow-up track, "Bigger City," is another sizzling disco burner and Tom Andrews aka the new Prince is without doubt one of the most exciting talents emerging right now. He's also just been named as the main support for all of La Roux's UK/Euro gigs.



GEoRGIA (Georgia Banks), has dropped a pretty damn fine electro banger with her debut track "Be Ache." The London-based multi-instrumentalist is not as fresh faced as it would appear, though. Georgia has worked with the likes of Kwes (drummer) Kate Tempest & also the hottest girl group of the moment, JUCE.  Her Come In EP via Kaya Kaya is one to note. 



Uplifting synths with a big poppy chorus, Swedish of course, coz who does pop better. Watch this enjoyable clip of eccentric mime artist Bo W Lindström jamming with Colleagues on their latest track, "Tears."



We're getting excited for Bry now. It's only been a month since we introduced her gorgeous debut, "Night Flights." The London-based Aussie has raised her game with the second single, "Boy," keeping those delicate beats we heard on Night Flights. However the production here feels far more polished, and the whole track carries more swagger and confidence similar to that of Banks. This will be the one that gets Bry attention and deserved traction.



Ruth & Mads are The Familiar. If you're a regular reader, my love for synth music is clear. I've followed this duo's breed of dark electro for some time now, and this new track, "World Ends," is my favourite from the recently released debut, Rooms EP. The pulsating synth coupled with Ruth's alluring vocal is near perfect for a late-night drive.



I'll leave you with the chilled "Nineteen" from newcomer, Azure. There isn't much info on this freshly squeezed Aussie artist, though with a little digging around her cloud, I found that Laura Coutts had another moniker by the way of Valium, which she released one single under. By her tastes and a brilliantly done cover of Chet Faker x Flume's "Drop The Game" uploaded too, downtempo electronic seems to be the direction. We'll keep an ear out for what Azure offers next.


See ya next week. Keep it Bitcandy! 

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