If I could get away with it, I'd post just music from FKA Twigs and BANKS! Have you heard FKA's album yet? Seen Banks' live performance on Kimmel? Blown away, much. We can't do that though, they get enough (worthy) hype, this here is about emerging talent. From the appropriately named Young Rising Sons, a potential end-of-year blogosphere staple in those IBEYI twins, to the virtually unheard of, Vos Lake.




Demons Of Ruby Mae are a Leicester based duo, that have the scope to be our new indie obsession. Adam Rowley & Jonny Gavin apparently formed their collaboration back in 2012, and from their youtube sessions available, we get to hear a stripped back, more folksy vibe. "Beneath The Surface", is an entirely different beast though, from the clips we watched. The xx meets London Grammar is an obvious comparison from this haunting little number, that has us yearning for more, dig this! 



DEERS first caught our ear with their self directed debut clip "Bamboo", last month, and the Spanish girls have carried on the fun-factor with latest clip "Trippy Gum". This cute duo are sure to have indie labels all over 'em & every hipster across the land drooling. We can't help but be drawn to their charisma & infectious hooks & we'll be hearing much more of this pair, no doubt. Yeah, I hit repeat too.



It was a huge week for my home city (Glasgow) with the Commonwealth Games being held here, were we got to see a band we've supported from the word go, 'Prides' show the country & beyond that they'll match CHVRCHES in a 100m electro-pop dash, with that closing ceremony performance of theirs. Which brings us to yet another Glasgow outfit for LuLu to err.. shout about. WHITE have dropped a rather fine debut track in "Living Fiction". This is the musical equivalent of a 'Glasgow kiss', bold & in your fucking face! Guitar-pop that'll refuse to leave your head, aye.



We love a catchy indie-pop track, understated goodness, or perhaps not 'cool' enough for some? Every now & then these indie-poppers get a break, such is the case here with 'Young Rising Sons', they WILL be chart toppers before the year is out, just like we told you when they dropped that stellar debut "High". We were the first to repost 'em back then & this Emerging column will continue to support them, well until the inevitability of mainstream success. Wire into their latest feel-good jam "Red & Gold".



Formerly known as Laura May, Brighton-based, Irish songstress delivers her debut single under the new moniker I.AM.L. This has literally just dropped & we know little of her for now, but, a stunning, passionate and powerful piece of work it most definitely is. An ode to her Grandmother it would appear, a hint of Florence Welch, anyone?



It's only been a minute since we got all excited about these French-Cuban twins debut release "Oya", were we told you to keep those ears peeled for the follow-up track "River". Oh yeah, XL have produced something truly special here, this video is simple, yet absolutely fuckin' epic too. The 'Oya' EP is now out which includes a Dub version of this "River". BBC sound of 2015 cert?



Summer is all but done here, I'm sure it's still shining were you are, if not, then allow Danish crack Casper Bock's new project 'Night Sports', to raise the temperature. He's released three promising electro-pop tracks with "Substance" being our favourite, however the equally bleached "Youthquake", has this video clip for a better introduction to his sound.



Vos Lake came to our attention over at Fluence, through a free discovery session. I headed to their SoundCloud to find three uploaded tracks & if you dig DIY bedroom vibes, the dreamy chill sound of 'Vos Lake' will hit a sweet spot. The only info we have is they're based in Tennessee and formed by Alex Robertson & Elliott Burgess. "Accompanied with them were their two sweethearts Meredith Goodman and Sydney Minton. The four of them together produced 7 hauntingly beautiful, chill, up-beat songs." Okay, were are these other tracks, your social links, and why is your SoundCloud had zero traction? We want to hear more fuggin' Vos Lake! 

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