Are you still exhausted from SXSW or trawling Tomnod searching for Flight 370? (See Courtney Love's genius pic, above.) After the bumper music released a fortnight ago, it all went a little stale last week. Perhaps SXSW hoovered all the decent stuff over to Austin. Who knows, but damn, it was an average week for sure. This week I've had to dig a little deeper to find great vibes worthy of your time & unearthed a couple of gems that have sat under the radar longer than said Flight 370 (too soon?), plus new material just released. We've even thrown in a playlist of all February's picks, great huh? Get.. streaming.




Firstly... grab your headphones, we're optimized here to enhance the experience. The whole journey is an absolute creeper for the mind. This is indie brilliance, hidden beneath the hype wagon, from Mountain Bird, who will be all over a speaker near you soon enough.



I was drugged up, shit, I was fucked up! Okay, this is a late one, as in a year ago this project dropped, completely overlooked, still boxfresh hipster, under-the-radar. Will it ever take off? I don't know. I did ask (loading reply...). For now though, join me in a trippy induced cloud of chilled mystery and together we'll embrace the Project Maldonado. I'll keep you posted. Go have a gander at the unnerving youtube clip for now & stream the EP via Soundcloud.



Guys, ghirls, here is one to cultivate through the recent hype bubble, to follow, one worthy of our Candy ears. Wrap yourself around this classy debut from a mysterious Bea-ing. Yeah, she falls into the less is better (look at that photo front, impressive, huh?) so we'll wait. Is she Dutch, British or human? Who really knows & time will tell. When it's this good, who cares?



That 80's POW POW! Subtle but so damn great and powerful. Say hello to Sabina Ddumba. How surprised would you be to hear she's from Stockholm? Aye it seems like a haven for everything great in music, right? It is, to be blunt. This soulful beauty is the latest to get our attention.



Do you recall this oufit? Oh man, I was fuckin' HUGE on the wall of synth this band created, probably played their tracks to the point the needle dropped. I also got in touch with our esteemed editor - was all like, "AHHHH listen to this shit! It is soooo fucking good!" or along that line, and you'll have to believe I only go that ape on his (or anyone's) ass - when I truly believe its great. This was back when literally nobody knew much of Ecstasy - they're emerging now & much deserved.



I love this! Yes it is simple pop by the very nature of that feel good flow that just floats from the first chord to the last. It also happens to be completely infectious and has me a fuck-off "I am in my element" kind of smiley etched across my face! The Sydney boys have really put a stamp out here with 'Waterfalls,' their best effort to date. It demands attention for what this band can offer in an otherwise saturated genre, and also begs the question: have you uploaded this for your road trip yet? Well hurry the fuck up, lunchbox, we got miles to cover.



Staying with Sydney, here is future soul temptress Ngaiire ('nIgh-ree') with her rather brilliant video and equally stunning vocal on Dirty Hercules, which also features Nai Palm from Melbourne's Haitus Kaiyote. This may not be her latest work; it is a good intro though, and new to my radar. I can see Ngaiire getting a break outside Australia and the very type to ignite the blogosphere. I suggest her Soundcloud as the next stop if you're diggin' this.



This track from 'Leon Else' chops its way into a great little dark R&B number about friends with benefits. Leon has been recently supporting the much mooted Foxes here in the UK, and gaining exposure through BBC introducing too.



Did you miss any of our picks in February? Ass deflated from SXSW too tired to browse right now! Or maybe you enjoyed 'em that much you're in need of another spin. Either way, here's a handy playlist with all the acts selected last month ready for streaming.


See ya next week, keep it BitCandy! 

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Robert Duffy is a Horticulturist. When he's not explaining a Dahlia from a Digitalis, you'll find him pursuing his passion - cultivating new music. He has a moral obligation to share great music, be that to various social platforms, the blogosphere or a random tree.