Emerging Candy is back after a short break, and suffering huge withdrawal symptoms now that the World Cup has ended. Were the attention seeking RiRi somehow managed to get a piece of the German celebrations by hijacking the after-party headlines, pass the sick bag please.

Some highlights since we last posted? Pink Floyd to release a new album, Jungle's debut album, The Presets 'No Fun' innovative music cube on Google play, just WOW! And Jessie Ware dropping "Tough Love," a contender for track of the year.

Much music to share after that break, the emerging playlist is bursting, here we have the first batch that includes Marz Leon, Ibeyi, Rag 'n' Bone Man and Liu Bei.




Marz Leon and Ryn Weaver are two emerging females that grabbed some buzz with their debut offerings a few weeks ago. Weaver was given a star-studded leg-up for her "Octahate," while "Loner" by Marz Leon spread via the organic method and a fairly impressive/loyal fan-base for a newcomer. We're loving Leon here & her pretty fuckin' dope Tumblr page too (yeah, go give it a look). L O N E R is Marz telling you hipsters that being alone and listening to music 24/7 is all good, maybe head to the pier & grab a rollercoaster ride between plays. Check out the self directed clip & look out for the debut EP.



I have no idea why it's taken me so long to highlight the work of Mat Devine's WRONGCHILDE project. This has been on my emerging radar for a long minute, and the brilliant cover of Pat Benatar’s "Love Is A Battlefield," with M83's Morgan Kibby (White Sea), reminded us to get a more in-depth listen to the the Kill Hannah front-man's solo progress. WRONGCHILDE's debut album is close to being released & I can't get enough of the title track, "Gold Blooded," with its nostalgia inspired 80's lyric clip. Mat has some stellar collabs for the LP & a whole heap of cool shit happening right now - check out his social licks & pledge packs.



When Richard Russell's XL Recordings throw a new signing your way, it's only ever going to be something special. French/Cuban twins Naomi and Lisa-Kainde Diaz are the latest to XL's impressive fam. The teenagers weave their minimalist sound with their Yoruba roots. Check out their stunning debut clip & keep your ears peeled for Ibeyi's second track, "River." We hear it'll be pretty great.



Lupa is the young rising Australian star Imogen Jones, sixteen years old to be exact, that's just crazy - a voice way beyond her years - and after following her releases, we feel "Statues" is her best to date. The classically trained violinist turned her hand to the more hip indie/electronic scene, which is a tough circle to break at present. That said the Aussies are owning it and before long, Lupa will be climbing that ladder & likely be remixed to death. Just as we post this, Lupa has dropped a video for "Statues," with a little help from her Mom & Dad, dig that!



Rag'n'Bone Man has quietly gone about the release of his solo debut album, Wolves, one that we fully expect to gain a ton of traction before long. The Brighton based juggernaut (Rory Graham) immediately grabs the ear with this incredible soulful, bluesy vocal that's fused with hip-hop, electronica and.. well, pretty much everything. There is also this gem, "Rain," featuring fellow underground up & comer Kate Tempest, so good huh! There are eight tracks on the Wolves mini-album, some of the best shit we've heard lately & it's FREE! via R&B Man's label Best Laid Plans' homepage, result!



Another UK artist to get familiar with is the delicious Amy Milner, whom I caught up with upon her debut single dropping just prior to my WC holiday-mode. The good news is, expect new material to be out there next month. Hit play and hear just what is getting us all excited. The young singer-songwriter is vocally blessed. At times it feels completely effortless as it weaves through those delicate beats. "Have It All" is a solid intro to Amy's sound. We think you'll agree.



Those leather loving Swedes are back with their paper planes and feel good brand of electro-rock. We were first introduced to CMBSTN via Fluence - a rather brilliant platform for artists to promote directly to BitCandy & others - for feedback, support & direction. CMBSTN have been our favourite discovery thus far through Fluence & the guys have gone batshit crazy with the wardrobe for this latest clip, "One Of Us," which follows on from the first single "My Friend." It works though, the whole glam aspect seamlessly on par with the fun they're delivering musically. "And everyone saying that we'll never make it," screams vocalist Max, not just a two finger salute to the naysayers, also a great hook for the youth, which continues through these playful lyrics. Having watched 'em rise sharply from a handful of followers to a healthy 3k faithful, CMBSTN are creating a loyal board to spring from.



I'll leave y'all with this slow burner from Liu Bei (taken from the Chinese warlord, pronounced Loo-Bay or.. lube, we prefer that), are the latest London buzz, and with good reason. "Infatuation" is about losing your head with the ending of a relationship. It's a pretty fuckin' majestic ballad & Liu Bei are very much one of the more interesting bands to emerge this year.

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