So you want to start a music blog, eh! What a great and noble idea. But before you make the executive decision of quitting your day job, we would like to give you some “How To” or “What Not To Do” steps.
We’ve scoured the internet for all the world's best music that hasn’t broken quite yet. Dig in for some Indie Chill Vibes, Dark R&B, Funky R&B and Mutant Pop, Dark Pop, Future Pop & Regular Pop! Holy Hell there’s a lot of good tunes on this November New Artist Forecaster.
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Calling all We Are The Guard followers and fans of the feel-good electronic duo DATABOY. Are you still waiting for your 15 seconds of fame? Do you still have a pathetic 31 views on your Insta-story? Don’t worry. We gon’ make you famous over here. Come be in DATABOY’s new music video!
In one of our recent articles, we suggested our favorite Halloween costumes indie music lovers will love. Now, we’re taking it to another level by listing our top Halloween songs for a memorable party. Let’s (...)
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