For those of you who don’t know, The Echo is a long-standing venue within the Los Angeles music community. Go catch the next big act before they blow up this October by checking out our top 5 artist picks to see this coming month.
Today we sat down with West Coast garage-pop artist DENM, who released his addicting new single Bless Your Heart this past week. Keep reading to find out 12 things you didn’t know about DENM, including everything from his motivations and passions to what his typical morning routine looks like.
The best part of living in LA? There’s so much music. The worst part of living in LA? How can you possibly see it all!? The struggle is real, which is why we’ve helped narrow it down to the top 7 artists you should be seeing live this month.
If you like dark electronic pop, then you need to know TR/ST. With a hot new track, successful performances at FYFE, and two more anticipated shows in October, there are no signs of his career slowing down. Thankfully though, he did make room in his schedule to answer a few of our questions.
Imagine, if you will, a world where The Who never reunited. Where after touring for a few years in the endless drudgery of the hits machine that the band actually got their wish to die before they got old. So, to those bands that haven’t reunited and still can, don’t. Leave your legacy intact and don’t try to cash in on the past.
I hope you're as excited for July's New Artist Forecaster as I am! I am quite grateful to have all this fresh new music from artists I'd never heard of. Let's hope you hadn't either, otherwise maybe you'll have my job this time next month.
Prepare for the scorching months with equally-hot new releases featured on We Are The Guard’s Spotify and Soundcloud. It’s the perfect way to catch up on sweet new tunes with one simple click. The New Artist Forecaster is loaded with relatively-unknown names that are heavy on musical credibility.
Brighton’s The Great Escape music festival is a dragon’s gold hoard of interstellar up-and-coming indie music. We’ve done the heavy lifting and deep digging for you, so sit back and enjoy The Great Escape 2017 Spotify playlist!
A mix of bittersweet emotion was felt on Saturday as another year at SXSW Music Festival came to an end. 2017 pulled some great talent in and this week got everyone here at We Are The Guard pumped up. Here is the Best of SXSW 2017 Saturday Edition.
Friday to us has been the best day of all. From the much talked about and anticipated must see act from indie band Spoon to some familiar sounds from Modern English, here are the highlights of the day and bands you should keep track of.
From full blown out protests, to full blown out bellies from too much beer and BBQ, our SXSW 2017 show hoping continues in Austin, TX. Today we had a chance to snap pictures of some of our personal favorite indie acts as well as some unexpected surprises.
Our photographer Christopher Chan and We Are The Guard’s joyful bunch roamed the crowds of SXSW to pick out some of the best sounds of the day. We conclude that there was too much music to hear and too little time to catch it all, but the indie bands we saw did not disappoint.