Prepare for the scorching months with equally-hot new releases featured on We Are The Guard’s Spotify and Soundcloud. It’s the perfect way to catch up on sweet new tunes with one simple click. The New Artist Forecaster is loaded with relatively-unknown names that are heavy on musical credibility.
Brighton’s The Great Escape music festival is a dragon’s gold hoard of interstellar up-and-coming indie music. We’ve done the heavy lifting and deep digging for you, so sit back and enjoy The Great Escape 2017 Spotify playlist!
A mix of bittersweet emotion was felt on Saturday as another year at SXSW Music Festival came to an end. 2017 pulled some great talent in and this week got everyone here at We Are The Guard pumped up. Here is the Best of SXSW 2017 Saturday Edition.
Friday to us has been the best day of all. From the much talked about and anticipated must see act from indie band Spoon to some familiar sounds from Modern English, here are the highlights of the day and bands you should keep track of.
From full blown out protests, to full blown out bellies from too much beer and BBQ, our SXSW 2017 show hoping continues in Austin, TX. Today we had a chance to snap pictures of some of our personal favorite indie acts as well as some unexpected surprises.
Our photographer Christopher Chan and We Are The Guard’s joyful bunch roamed the crowds of SXSW to pick out some of the best sounds of the day. We conclude that there was too much music to hear and too little time to catch it all, but the indie bands we saw did not disappoint.
This year marks our first year covering the SXSW Music festival under our new name, We Are The Guard, but this isn’t our first time around. We’ve been at it for years, and have discovered some top talent. Check out the highlights we covered on Tuesday and be sure to check back all week as we continue to bring you the best of the best in indie music at SXSW 2017.
During the past few months we’ve listened to an incredible amount of great tunes from both known and not so well known acts in pop, dance, chill, and other delish beats. So, today we share with you 31 of the best indie tunes for the month of March to satisfy your music hunger.
Now that things here at We Are The Guard are getting back to the norm, we are pretty much ready to get back to business and continue highlighting some of the most talented artists of the moment. Instead of presenting you with another Top 10 list, we’re slowing the pace down and giving you a one on one with the man responsible for making every day of the year feel like Summer... Viceroy.
What’s up Chella-heads? The world’s most important festival just dropped their annual line-up and it’s a doozy. I have compiled a playlist of the coolest / most interesting / best soundings artists in small font. Why?! Because I love music and I love you! Now hop to it and have some fun because every one of these artists is three fire emojis.
This is Part Three of our four part column on small print artists from the Coachella poster. We’re gonna educate you up so you can go in guns blazing. Final stretch. Sundays are always the hardest day of the festival, so here are ten hot new lesser known artists to help get you through.
Coachella is right around the corner and boy oh boy is it stacked this year. Make sure to show up early and discover amazing acts you didn’t even know existed (more specifically the ones I’m about to tell you about).
Okay, so we love your first three articles, but where’s the real underground music? Stuff you don’t see on every other major music festival lineup? Where's the House and Funk and Future and Bass Music that I can DISCOVER so I can find myself this weekend and realize that Coachella isn’t the place for me anymore?