Damn! I didn't realize we had so much shit about Cat Power on our site! Well, here's one more wad of crap to add to our pussy power shrine.
The Guard has compiled a short list of our favorite unknown horror films that should be in your must see list. Some great foreign horror flicks in here to get Netflixing.
How Will Breaking Bad End. We post 3 scenarios of possible endings. Add your own in the comments and we'll see who has the best plot ending. Long live Walter White!
My love affair with Azealia Banks is over. Not that you care. But let me tell you she was a great aural lay for a while. But then the sonic sex got boring. Read more!
Recently Deadmau5 wrote an article called We all hit play. A-Trak fired back with a video of him scratching a Deadmau5 tune. Read the story and see the vids here!
Enter to Win The Guard's Live Music Photo Contest! We're looking for the most amazing photo from your favorite live show! Winners get Free Concert Tix. Check it out!
Hello, DJ Bl3nd, it's Chucky, your friend till the end... Yes, I am the killer doll from Child's Play who your dumb mask is based upon! Highly original. Read more!