Why the hell do people even know about Juggalo-tendo? What could New-Wave-Breakbeats even be? ASMRstep sounds like a thing I just made up right now for this article, doesn’t it? Well, we’re here to help. Enjoy We Are The Guard’s guide to the Top Ten Craziest Sub Genres.
We’re giving away two FREE tickets, that means zero dollars out of your pocket, for you to join us at our first ever branded night at The Echoplex. The lucky winner or winners will catch PPL MVR, jesse saint john, and MXMS all on the same night. Yes, you’ll see three incredible acts for free, courtesy of us!
Sure, Coachella is a million months away, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t already thinking about it. In fact, we’ve been dreaming up our ultimate Coachella lineup since the day after we left the Polo Fields this past April. We’ve got some choice picks to be there in 2019 and I think we are right on the money.
Just because I have to stop wearing tank tops to work doesn’t mean the party’s over. Oh no — the party don’t stop on our favorite social media site and I got the pics and vids to prove it. Here’s the créme of the crop this week on Instagram from your favorites including Dua Lipa, Camilla Cabello, and Bishop Briggs. Here we go!
With all of the writers here at We Are The Guard, we are able to claim (with confidence) that someone on our staff listens to pretty much every different kind of music under the sun. There’s no genre we’re too afraid to touch— except for metal. We’re terrified. We have literally zero clue. That’s where this intrepid reporter comes in.
Three months ago Disclosure quietly dropped Ultimatum to surprisingly little fanfare. The single, featuring Malian singer/songwriter Fatoumata Diawara stands up alongside the band’s greatest hits, combining world and house music into something so special that it could only come from Disclosure.
Thanks for joining me for the latest edition of 10 Twitter Moments on this EXTREMELY busy week in pop culture! That's right, between the VMAs and Nicki Minaj losing out on the #1 spot to Travis Scott, there's been a whole lot of drama going down on our fave social network over the last seven days!
Hey LA, what the heck are you up to on September 18th? We’re actually throwing a pretty cool party at a pretty cool venue with some pretty cool bands. Who’s playing? Oh just these super rad bands you probably haven’t heard of.
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the latest edition of We Are The Guard's 10 Twitter Moments. A whole lot has gone down on our favorite social media over the last week, although one tweet that you definitely won't be seeing here is Donald Trump's 280-character love letter to Kanye West.
In this column, we review the most enlightening, heartfelt, and downright ridiculous posts on the social media site from your favorite people, because we know how hard it is to keep up with Instagram. We got Cardi B, JLO, and Marshmello this week so strap down and PAY ATTENTION.