While he may look like the kid from Can't Buy Me Love who yells "YOU SH*T ON MY HOUSE," Swedish pop star Erik Hassle is no joke. His work to date proves that, as does his new cool song, "Pathetic."

The golden-voiced ginger has already teamed with Ellie Goulding, as well as penned the the Shakira-Rihanna duet, "Can't Remember to Forget You." "Pathetic" is the second cut we've heard off Hassle's forthcoming Somebody's Party EP. The lead single, "Talk About It," was released in late 2013 to rave reviews. For all the fuss, and it is a pretty great song, "Pathetic" is a superior song. Hassle apes Prince and pulls it off to perfection. This is a true pop gem. The Soundcloud commenter who opined that this was 'George Michael bumps into Frank Ocean' nailed this one.

Whether you're hopelessly pinning away for someone, or perfectly content with your relational status, "Pathetic" will speak to you. Hear it below:



Somebody's Party is out March 4th.

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